If you are asked this kind of question, the first thing that must come to your mind is the fact that God is not human, and therefore may not possess or have all it takes to be a good Mathematician.

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The above notion is colossally wrong in the sense that God is the creator of heaven and earth, and can do anything to magnify that position.

God is unlimited in all ramifications, His acts or signs and wonders are above man’s comprehension.

The question if God is a Mathematician should not be confusing because He works or acts like a great Mathematician. Continue reading “IS GOD A MATHEMATICIAN?”

Billy Graham: “I’m going to vote”

Billy G

‘God-Given Responsibility’

“No system of government is perfect …”

Americanii ar trebui să folosească „responsabilitatea lor dată de Dumnezeu” și să voteze în noiembrie, a declarat Rev. Billy Graham într-un apel la acțiune publicată pe site-ul Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

Într-un format de întrebări si răspunsuri, Graham răspunde la un chestionar, care a exprimat un gând comun auzit în întreaga națiune, acum că se apropie alegerile. Continue reading “Billy Graham: “I’m going to vote””

America’s turned her back on God–Now God’s turning His back on us

crabb_eBy Madeline Crabb

Most of us have probably heard our parents tell us we should be careful about what we ask for. As American citizens, we should probably have heeded this advice for decades. But alas, we didn’t. We asked for things we didn’t need, or that were dangerous for us to have, always wanting what we want, when we want it, never considering the consequences. And here we stand in 2014, on the verge of losing our nation and the very freedoms given to us by our generous God who is no longer welcome, whose name can’t even be mentioned, in public places. Because America has turned her back on God, He’s now turning His back on us. Continue reading “America’s turned her back on God–Now God’s turning His back on us”

Fear Not

imageBy Alina Sopt
Phoenix, Arizona

God says “Do not fear” or something similar to that 365 times in the Bible. That’s enough to keep our hearts still each day of the year. Amidst all the chaos around you, it is easy to lose hope and optimism. Though Christians overall feel less afraid than the general population, we can still have some demanding, paralyzing fears. However, God expects us to trust Him even though those fears may seem like giants. When fear strikes, just pick up the Bible, read one of your favorite passages, and rest in knowing God is with you and will never leave you.

Afraid of death? Jesus killed it. Afraid of diseases? Continue reading “Fear Not”

God Looks: Where His Grace Began

AlinaSoptIf you could draw God’s love on a graph, it would be a straight line all throughout eternity, never curving or dipping even a millimeter, no matter what happens. God is the one and only God whose love is immeasurable, radical, and eternal. Immeasurable because He gave His one and only Son for us, His rebellious creation, radical because He never gives up on us, and eternal because His kind of love never runs out on us.

Everyone knows that famous verse of the Bible: “For God so love the world that He gave His only begotten Son, so that whoever believes in Him should not parish, but have everlasting life.” It is truly the Gospel wrapped up into one verse, which has children and theologians alike gaping at the simple verse’s complexity and depth. But that’s another message for another day. Instead, let’s pull back the curtains to one of the first acts God did to prove He loves us with a loving jealousy and desire unlike we know…He looked.

Seems simple enough. It doesn’t look like there is much depth to it, does there? Maybe a few pastors have considered this topic as the main message of a Sunday sermon, and very few evangelizers have used it as the first message spoken to an unbeliever. I don’t blame them. God’s provision, God’s justice, the miracle of Christ, and dozens of other topics trump what seems like this feeble topic. Continue reading “God Looks: Where His Grace Began”

Care este Numele Lui …?

YHWHCei ce cunosc Numele Tău se încred în Tine, căci Tu nu părăseşti pe cei ce Te caută, Doamne!” (Psalmul, 9.10)



Mă vor întreba:  Care este Numele Lui?” 

Ce le voi răspunde?

 Exod, 3.13


Omul a pus nume tuturor vitelor, păsărilor cerului şi tuturor fiarelor câmpului.” ( Geneza 2:20)

Numele dat  tuturor vitelor, păsărilor cerului şi tuturor fiarelor câmpului, de către Adam, primul om creat de pe pământ, a rămas odată pentru totdeauna, fapt ce ne face să credem că Adam a fost de o inteligență scilipitoare, atotcuprinzătoare „şi orice nume pe care-l dădea omul fiecărei vieţuitoare, acela-i era numele.” (Geneza, 2.19), căci  omul avea capacitatea intelectuală cu care fusese creat  de <<Dumnezeu>>, nealterată de păcatul neascultării. Continue reading “Care este Numele Lui …?”

The 36-Year-Old Virgin

Lakita GarthHow abstinence champion Lakita Garth kept the faith during the long years before her wedding night—and beyond

By Pamela Toussaint

During the summer of 2005, 36-year-old Lakita Garth kissed her boyfriend of two years for the very first time—at the altar after they said, “I do.”

She and her Mr. Right (literally—her husband’s name is Jeffrey Wright) met at a health conference through a mutual friend. “I decided to preach to him, and surprisingly, he didn’t go away!” laughs Lakita. When Jeff, a successful Christian publisher in Chicago, was able to spar with her considerable knowledge of biblical doctrine, she became even more intrigued. “I wanted a man who could rise to the challenge, someone I could follow,” says Lakita, who was a virgin when she married. Continue reading “The 36-Year-Old Virgin”

Performance at Soccer World Cup 2006 – a Highlight of Young German Singer’s Career

FlorenceFlorence Joy Enns (Büttner) is a famous young German singer, writer and actress

She likes to travel and has visited several countries from Europe, Israel and the United States. Florence plays guitar and the piano, and she speaks her native German and very good English. Most of her songs from the album “Hope” are in English.

In 2006, Florence Joy was invited to perform in the (dome) church of Munich for the inauguration of the Soccer World Championship. One year after this astonishing performance, she started acting in the role of a sweet girl called “Jasmin” in a German daily soap “Ahornallee”. Also, Florence wrote a book called I want to live truthfully and real, which tells about her journey through the German casting show “Star Search 2” and mostly how she lives her life with Jesus Christ. Continue reading “Performance at Soccer World Cup 2006 – a Highlight of Young German Singer’s Career”

The only Romanian in Quartzsite, Arizona!

pastor John Todor By Octavian CURPAŞ

Born and raised in Romania, married in the Philippines, presently living and serving God in the Arizonian Desert

How many of you who have traveled from Arizona towards California on Highway I-10 still remembers the last town you passed through prior to reaching the Californian border? – probably not many! Situated at about 125 miles from Phoenix, 129 miles from the tourist spot Palm Springs and about 20 miles away from Blythe (the first city from California ), is a town called QUARTZSITE. Continue reading “The only Romanian in Quartzsite, Arizona!”

Beauty for Ashes

Camelia Micu

You and I are God’s beautiful creations: “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them”, Genesis 1:27, with no blemishes and free of sin, yet because the first man and woman did not obey God’s given commands, they fell into sin that caused a completely new movement in the universe. Remember, how God created man? Out of dust, yes, you and I were nothing but, dust! No one likes dust on their shoes, clothes…in fact some may even be allergic to dust. God was not allergic to it, nor did He get rid of it. Why? He had a better plan, a bigger picture! All of that changed when God created man out of that dust and breathed life into him…“Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being”, Genesis 2:7. God created something as beautiful as you and me out of nothing, but a handful of dust, “to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair”, Isaiah 61:3 …”With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible”, Matthew 19:26… WOW, now I can’t resist not singing the chorus to this song: “You make beautiful things out of the dust,/ You make beautiful things,/ You make beautiful things out of us all around,/ You make me new,/ You are making me new”. Continue reading “Beauty for Ashes”