If you are asked this kind of question, the first thing that must come to your mind is the fact that God is not human, and therefore may not possess or have all it takes to be a good Mathematician.

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The above notion is colossally wrong in the sense that God is the creator of heaven and earth, and can do anything to magnify that position.

God is unlimited in all ramifications, His acts or signs and wonders are above man’s comprehension.

The question if God is a Mathematician should not be confusing because He works or acts like a great Mathematician.

*Who then is a Mathematician?

*What are the qualities of a guru in Mathematics?

“a mathematician is someone who employs math as a logical and relatively unambiguous language to do their work, evaluate, and solve problems.” Google.

Here are some features of an expert in mathematics base on the conclusion of men:

-Critical thinking.

When you analyse all these you will discover that God’s personality supersede them.

Let’s consider Jonah and Joshua in this lesson:

Jonah was a chosen man of God appointed to go and warn the people of Neneveh due to God’s abundance in love, grace and mercy.

Nineveh is described as huge—taking three days to walk across—and thoroughly evil according to the Bible book of Jonah. But Jonah gives no specifics about the city’s evil beyond the king’s command that citizens turn away “from the violence that is in their hands” (Jonah 3:8).

Jonah’s Nineveh is thematically connected to Sodom, another biblical city of evil (Gen 18-19). God tells Abraham that the outcry against Sodom is such that he “must go down” to investigate (Gen 18:21). Similarly, God sends Jonah to Nineveh, “the great city,” telling him that its evil “has come up” before him (Jonah 1:2).

In a nutshell, Nineveh was a city characterize by iniquity.


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