Barnevernet Naustdal a ascuns unul dintre rapoartele specialiştilor…!



Barnevernet Naustdal a ascuns unul dintre rapoartele specialistilor prin care părinții erau prezentați favorabil vrând cu orice preț să țină copiii departe de părinții lor! Continue reading “Barnevernet Naustdal a ascuns unul dintre rapoartele specialiştilor…!”

O zi de bucurie – Familia Nan și-a văzut copiii!

nanCe bucurie radiază pe fețele părinților si a copiilor! 

Doamne, Te rugăm, Lasă ca dragostea părinților să coplesească copiii și să o țină minte în fiecare zi, până la următoarea întâlnire!

Mângâie Tu inimile lor după despărțirea aceasta cruntă și atât de lungă!

Și, Dumnezeul nostru, Te rugăm, ajută și această familie să se reîntregească cât mai curând!

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nadia-and-caspian-8-19-16The future of Nadia and Caspian will be determined by the trial that starts on Wednesday (August 24th). The trial, scheduled for a few days, will be held at The County Council for Child Welfare and Social Affairs (Fylkesnemnda) in Bergen.

On Wednesday of this week (August 17th), Nadia received a verdict from the Barnevernet about the 9 1/2 hour hearing on Monday, August 8th.

The verdict states that she is unstable. She is considered unstable because of reactions she had months ago at the Vilde Mother’s Home in Horton. At Vilde, when Nadia found out that another mother was losing her child, Nadia would sometimes cry. This is the reason the verdict gives for Nadia’s instability. The verdict also states that Nadia is forgetful at times. The same verdict states that Nadia is a good mother when she feels safe. Continue reading “BABY CASPIAN KIDNAPPED IN NORWAY…UPDATE #13”


nadia-and-caspian-8-12-2016-visitation-at-bergeneNadia was allowed to see Caspian for two hours on Thursday and for three hours on Friday.

Nadia has been given the reports from both visitations. They are much more detailed than previous reports. (Only a few changes in punctuation have been make.)

Visitation report Visitation between: Mother Nadia and Caspian

Date: Thursday, August 11, 2016

The mother came 10 minutes before and got the key to the apartment. We made an agreement that I would come in when the guardian (Barnevernet worker) came with Caspian. His grandma has become ill and will not be attending today. Y (Nadia’s friend and witness) has taken her place instead. Caspian arrives on time and I make an agreement with the guardian that he/she will stay with them until I come back (I was in a conversation over the phone). Continue reading “BABY CASPIAN KIDNAPPED IN NORWAY…UPDATE #12”

Norvegia și Barnevernet urmăresc articolele despre copiii furați de ei!

Women uses tablet while talking on phoneIată statistica accesărilor din diferitele țări aici in aceasta captură de screen.

Notă– numărul accesărilor denotă numarul adreselor IP care au accesat saitul

Fiecare casă are IP-ul propriu si numărul denotă câte IP-uri/case au accesat cel puțin o dată saitul nostru. Continue reading “Norvegia și Barnevernet urmăresc articolele despre copiii furați de ei!”


"He fall asleep in my arms.." - Nadia  July 28, 2016

“He fall asleep in my arms..”
– Nadia
July 28, 2016

“They have taken everything from me. I hope things work out soon.” – Nadia (July 28, 2016)

It has been a week since the last Update. Nadia had two more visitations this week, on Thursday and Friday. She is now back in Brandal and will make the trip to see her son again next Thursday and Friday in Bergen. Nadia waits until Monday, August 8th to see if the CPS will let her have Caspian until the very important hearing on August 25th. Continue reading “BABY CASPIAN KIDNAPPED IN NORWAY…UPDATE #9”

Europe’s secularist agenda, the Bodnariu family and God

As Romanians, we have passed through many great battles against our own government, battles over state laws that were against the law of God. During our history, the Ottoman Empire wanted our children, just as other empires did. FEATURES

AUTHOR Emanuel Tundrea 12 MAY 2016 11:47 h GMT+1


About 10,000 participate in protest supporting the Bodnariu family in the city of Oradea (Romania), 23rd January 2016. Continue reading “Europe’s secularist agenda, the Bodnariu family and God”