Europe’s secularist agenda, the Bodnariu family and God

As Romanians, we have passed through many great battles against our own government, battles over state laws that were against the law of God. During our history, the Ottoman Empire wanted our children, just as other empires did. FEATURES

AUTHOR Emanuel Tundrea 12 MAY 2016 11:47 h GMT+1


About 10,000 participate in protest supporting the Bodnariu family in the city of Oradea (Romania), 23rd January 2016.

This article summarises the ideas Emanuel Tundrea shared in several media interviews, supporting the Bondariu family.


One thought on “Europe’s secularist agenda, the Bodnariu family and God

  1. It is an excellent article.

    “We pray these recent protests stoke a fire in the hearts of all who see how the Christian testimony is disappearing from almost all European institutions and to fervently seek a spiritual revival across the entirety of Europe.”

    This quote from Emanuel Tundrea is indicative of this entire piece, a very good one about the truth of Norway’s situation. Mr. Tundrea gives an excellent brief summary of what is happening in the EU and throughout the West.

    This article helps me to understand the variety of articles this publication will “print.” This one is written from the viewpoint of a Romanian who has this history :

    “Our parents and grandparents had to fight against the Communist system, a system which wanted to steal our children and raise them within another, competing ideology.”

    and he states:

    “The answer is simple: if the law is wrong, then it must be changed. No law giver on the earth has the right to have more authority that the Law of God.”

    A recent article written by Joel Forster in the same publication (Evangelical Focus), quotes Tarjei Gilje, one of the Editors at the Christian daily newspaper Dagen, at length:

    “Since then (the decision to reunify the Bodnarius), the family enjoys a much more peaceful environment, and the media have gonve ‘generally quiet.'”


    “What impact did the case have on the Norwegian churches? ‘I think many Christians have a feeling that Barnevernet needs to be looked after more closely. But I also think many Christians feel that much of the criticism against Barnevernet has been based on insufficient knowledge and prejudice. This applies especially for much of the criticism coming from abroad.'”


    “It seems obvious to many, now, that there is a “systemic problem in Barnevernet”, which has to do with ‘insufficient competence and too much power with local employees’, the journalist says. “Furthermore, it is possible that we as Christians too easily have accepted that the state is given too central a role in relation to the families. This is partly because we in Norway have a high degree of trust in the authorities, and partly because of stories of how bad things can go when children are left alone in families where their very lives are in danger”.

    Combined, these comments are conflicting as are many in the regular Norwegian press. The article called “Norwegian Christians “happy” for Bodnariu but “disappointed” after harsh criticism of the country” quotes a journalist who has a Norwegian background as far as I know. Thus far, from what I have seen, the Norwegian press has done little to solve a systemic problem and this problem is not in Norway alone.

    Anyone who reads both articles can see the different views of the severity of the problems in Norway.

    I agree with the author of this article that:

    “”The answer is simple: if the law is wrong, then it must be changed. No law giver on the earth has the right to have more authority that the Law of God.”

    The laws of God are not being observed in the Child Welfare System in Norway. Something must be done.

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