Barnevernet Naustdal a ascuns unul dintre rapoartele specialiştilor…!



Barnevernet Naustdal a ascuns unul dintre rapoartele specialistilor prin care părinții erau prezentați favorabil vrând cu orice preț să țină copiii departe de părinții lor! Continue reading “Barnevernet Naustdal a ascuns unul dintre rapoartele specialiştilor…!”

Norvegia și Barnevernet urmăresc articolele despre copiii furați de ei!

Women uses tablet while talking on phoneIată statistica accesărilor din diferitele țări aici in aceasta captură de screen.

Notă– numărul accesărilor denotă numarul adreselor IP care au accesat saitul

Fiecare casă are IP-ul propriu si numărul denotă câte IP-uri/case au accesat cel puțin o dată saitul nostru. Continue reading “Norvegia și Barnevernet urmăresc articolele despre copiii furați de ei!”

Norwegian Prosecution Goes after Bodnariu Again

the-bodnariu-familyWell, it is clear that Norway will not leave the Bodnariu family alone. The Norwegian government needs to step in and put an end to this harassment because it looks like someone in the prosecutor’s office wants some kind revenge.

Norwegian and Romanian news sites are reporting today that prosecutors in Norway are indicting Marius and Ruth Bodnariu for violence against their children which could potentially lead to prison terms. Continue reading “Norwegian Prosecution Goes after Bodnariu Again”

Europe’s secularist agenda, the Bodnariu family and God

As Romanians, we have passed through many great battles against our own government, battles over state laws that were against the law of God. During our history, the Ottoman Empire wanted our children, just as other empires did. FEATURES

AUTHOR Emanuel Tundrea 12 MAY 2016 11:47 h GMT+1


About 10,000 participate in protest supporting the Bodnariu family in the city of Oradea (Romania), 23rd January 2016. Continue reading “Europe’s secularist agenda, the Bodnariu family and God”

Norway, Close the Bodnariu Case!

13392144_994884043913290_937203725641661935_oThe Norwegian newspaper Firda reports today that the criminal investigation against the Bodnariu parents has concluded and the results have been forwarded to the Norwegian equivalent of the district attorney’s office. The article states that results of the investigation have not been made public, but the parents can still be prosecuted in criminal court if the district attorney wishes to do so, despite the fact that the children have been returned. Continue reading “Norway, Close the Bodnariu Case!”

Pastor John Piper Comments on Norway Law and Bodnariu Case!

9am Plenary Wed 20 October 2010 Photo: Micah Chiang
Pastor John Piper (2010)

A reader in Norway writes in: “Hello Pastor John, thank you for all that you have done for the kingdom and for this podcast. I have a question regarding child rearing. You have formerly said that you would go to jail over the issue of spanking. I agree with you that spanking is biblical. But in my home country, Norway, as well as in many other countries, spanking is illegal. The consequences would then not only be that one may have to go to jail, but that the government would take your children. This has now happened in the famous Bodnariu case where a couple in Norway lost their children after spanking them. Continue reading “Pastor John Piper Comments on Norway Law and Bodnariu Case!”