Norwegian Prosecution Goes after Bodnariu Again

the-bodnariu-familyWell, it is clear that Norway will not leave the Bodnariu family alone. The Norwegian government needs to step in and put an end to this harassment because it looks like someone in the prosecutor’s office wants some kind revenge.

Norwegian and Romanian news sites are reporting today that prosecutors in Norway are indicting Marius and Ruth Bodnariu for violence against their children which could potentially lead to prison terms.

Hello! The children were returned after the parents received stellar psychological evaluations, and they were deemed to be good parents! The children are ecstatic to be reunited with their family! Barnevernet agreed to proceed in such a way! And yet, prosecuting attorneys will not let the case go, a case where very light spanking was used as a form of discipline.

It is hard to believe that the Norwegian government is allowing this to go on given that terrible exposure Norway has received abroad for violating human rights through the actions of their CPS (Barnevernet).

The Bodnariu family is currently in Romania and given all the details revealed in their case, it is unlikely that Romania would extradite them to Norway if they are criminally convicted. Not after it was revealed how Barnevernet used dishonest methods to obtain information from the children, how the parents were unsuccessfully coerced to sign false statements against each other, and how the case has elements of religious persecution.

Sustained protests in the streets all over the world with hundreds of thousands of people… Council of Europe and European Court of Human Rights petitions… TV programs on BBC all over the world and Dateline in Australia. PM Erna Solberg publicly commenting on the case, only to later erase the post on Facebook…

How much more shame does Norway want from this case and from international exposure of Barnevernet?

It is time for Norway to leave the Bodnarius alone and reform the CPS.


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