Norwegian Christians “happy” for Bodnariu but “disappointed” after harsh criticism of the country

One month ago, the five Bodnariu children were finally returned to their parents. But what have been other consequences of the case? Norwegian Christian journalist Tarjei Gilje shares his views.

AUTHOR Joel Forster

A photo of the Bodnariu family shared on their official website in June 2016.

Five weeks ago, the Bodnariu family announced that all five children would be returned to their parents.

Days later, the family was reunited. “It is very important for all of us to respect the privacy and uninterrupted intimacy of this family in the following period as the children resettle and reintegrate themselves in their natural family home and environment”, a spokesman of the family said.

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One thought on “Norwegian Christians “happy” for Bodnariu but “disappointed” after harsh criticism of the country

  1. So, it appears that even the “Christian” media in Norway has been hornswoggled by its own BV. The definition of hornswoggled is: ” to get the better of (someone) by cheating or deception.” If this is not the case, then they must be purposefully sticking up for an untruthful organization. If a Christian won’t make truth a priority, as IS NOT DONE in many Norwegian CPS cases, then why bother to have a “church.”

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