America’s turned her back on God–Now God’s turning His back on us

crabb_eBy Madeline Crabb

Most of us have probably heard our parents tell us we should be careful about what we ask for. As American citizens, we should probably have heeded this advice for decades. But alas, we didn’t. We asked for things we didn’t need, or that were dangerous for us to have, always wanting what we want, when we want it, never considering the consequences. And here we stand in 2014, on the verge of losing our nation and the very freedoms given to us by our generous God who is no longer welcome, whose name can’t even be mentioned, in public places. Because America has turned her back on God, He’s now turning His back on us.

So then, what does the future of America hold for 2014? We are now a month into this New Year. The holidays are history, and for me, hopefully sickness is as well. Will there even be an America at the end of this year? Without a massive revival, it seems our future will be filled with many woes. In fact, we risk God turning us over both individually, and as a nation, to our own wicked desires and ways.

America is a nation that was founded by godly people for God’s glory. Oh, there are naysayers who say this isn’t so, that there is no proof of this. Actually, there is tons of written proof that our nation was founded on Christian principles, including the two most recognizable documents: the Declaration of Independence, and the U.S. Constitution. But before these documents were written, there was another important founding document, the Mayflower Compact. When I was in school, history classes still taught about this document. It reads:



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