Delight in Truth: 500,000 Visitors

piano-picI never intended to turn this site into an anti-CPS blog when I started out. I meant to focus on theology, discernment in the church, and topics about the Christian struggle with the world. But when I heard about what Barnevernet did to the Bodnariu family I started writing articles to inform my friends about the situation. Unexpectedly, visitors from all over the world like professor Marianne Skanland arrived here leaving well-informed and well researched information. Mr Knut Nygaard who represents the Norwegian CPS has also been a regular commentator, and he has given us front row sitting and insight into how Barnevernet thinks and works.

Thank you to all who shared and reblogged these posts. Your effort was not in vain, because the Bodnariu family has been reunited and world is now beginning to ask questions about CPS practices in Norway and other European countries.

Here are a few statistics:

Total visitors: 500,193

Visitors in 2016: 308,000

By country in 2016:

United States 127,792
Romania 46,035
Norway 43,118
United Kingdom 14,449
Canada 12,762
Netherlands 7,566
Germany 5,812
Australia 5,691
Switzerland 5,294
Austria 4,942
Czech Republic 4,334

Comments (big thank you to all commentators and contributors!):

Chris Reimers 1,249

Marianne Skanland 769

Knut Nygaard 720

Pavla Jansova 308

Hildi 272

Jasper 222

Octavian 201

And many others to reach the total of 8,285 comments!

Top internet search terms: bodnariu case, barnevernet norway, ruth bodnariu

Top referring sites: facebook, twitter, AgnusDei, barzilaiendan

We did it for the children. Thank you all for participating on Delight in Truth.

“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” -Jesus (Mark 10;14)

Source: Delight in Truth

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