Delight in Truth: 500,000 Visitors

piano-picI never intended to turn this site into an anti-CPS blog when I started out. I meant to focus on theology, discernment in the church, and topics about the Christian struggle with the world. But when I heard about what Barnevernet did to the Bodnariu family I started writing articles to inform my friends about the situation. Unexpectedly, visitors from all over the world like professor Marianne Skanland arrived here leaving well-informed and well researched information. Mr Knut Nygaard who represents the Norwegian CPS has also been a regular commentator, and he has given us front row sitting and insight into how Barnevernet thinks and works. Continue reading “Delight in Truth: 500,000 Visitors”

,,Tu ești Fiul Meu! Astăzi Te-am născut“

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 ,,Încingeți-vă coapsele minții …“

,,Tu ești Fiul Meu! Astăzi te-am născut“

Au existat vreodată cuvinte mai mari ca acestea? Au fost vreodată scrise cuvinte mai paradoxale ca acestea? Există ceva mai neașteptat ca această declarație, aparent lipsită de sens, a lui Dumnezeu? Continue reading “,,Tu ești Fiul Meu! Astăzi Te-am născut“”