Delight in Truth: 500,000 Visitors

piano-picI never intended to turn this site into an anti-CPS blog when I started out. I meant to focus on theology, discernment in the church, and topics about the Christian struggle with the world. But when I heard about what Barnevernet did to the Bodnariu family I started writing articles to inform my friends about the situation. Unexpectedly, visitors from all over the world like professor Marianne Skanland arrived here leaving well-informed and well researched information. Mr Knut Nygaard who represents the Norwegian CPS has also been a regular commentator, and he has given us front row sitting and insight into how Barnevernet thinks and works. Continue reading “Delight in Truth: 500,000 Visitors”

Prof. Marianne H. Skanland Warns About Extensive Government Surveillance in Norway

Prof. Mariann H. Skanland W

Total surveillance of Norwegian homes to prevent crime?

March 11th 2016 brought the news that our government intends to increase secret surveillance in Norway. The Minister of Justice will have the police carry out new types of surveillance, without having to obtain a court order beforehand, including secret searches of homes, placing of secret microphones and cameras, hacking into private computers to obtain mail correspondence but also to monitor running activities such as drafts of mails which are never sent. (Links here, here and here). Continue reading “Prof. Marianne H. Skanland Warns About Extensive Government Surveillance in Norway”

Major Barnevernet Propaganda in Norwegian Media


Be aware of major Barnevernet propaganda in the media. Like the article “In 33 of 36 Municipalities CPS Violates the Law” which has been making the rounds on Facebook.

 The title is quite shocking (we know that it is fundamentally true because of irregularities found in many cases relating to legal representation and due process), but the media gives it a totally different spin. Continue reading “Major Barnevernet Propaganda in Norwegian Media”