Major Barnevernet Propaganda in Norwegian Media


Be aware of major Barnevernet propaganda in the media. Like the article “In 33 of 36 Municipalities CPS Violates the Law” which has been making the rounds on Facebook.

 The title is quite shocking (we know that it is fundamentally true because of irregularities found in many cases relating to legal representation and due process), but the media gives it a totally different spin.

 They say that the CPS breaks the law by not doing enough. By not being aggressive enough. By not taking more children. Etc. 

Marianne Skanland who is an authority on the Norwegian Barnevernet warns us:

“This is one of the propaganda things they are always using: They want the CPS to investigate more cases and intervene in all of them, as if everything being “reported” to the CPS is true. They never ever focus on all the false reports and on all the cases in which the CPS itself invent accusations which are not true or which are totally out of proportion

The real questions, never asked by the main-stream media, ought to be:

 1) If there are really as many very serious cases as they claim, why then does Barnevernet spend huge resources on cases which, when you look into them [Bodnariu], turn out to be unnecessary interference and harassment and destruction of children in families which are normal and good?

 2) What kind of “treatment” does Barnevernet have for the children in whose families they do intervene and how does that “treatment” work out? – We know the answer: they destroy the family unit and keep the children in foster homes, and the result of that is very, very dark.”

Sursa:  Delight in Truth

Delight in Truth

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