Testează ce auzi despre har!

În principiu, dar cu foarte multe excepții, evanghelicii propovăduiesc Evanghelia harul venit prin Isus Hristos.

Dar știm cu toții că nu e deloc vorba de un har ieftin, ci de unul foarte scump, plătit de sîngele lui Isus oferit ca jertfă pentru păcatele omului pe crucea de la Calvar (vezi Costul uceniciei de Dietrich Bonhoeffer).

Dar se pune problema, care e locul pocăinței și al harului în ecuația mântuirii noastre? Continue reading “Testează ce auzi despre har!”

God and the Great Flood

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Genesis 6:5-8 & 18 – The Great Flood is one of the most controversial events when it comes to God and apologetics.

Some people who look into the faith shrivel back into their disbelief, for how could an all-loving and all-compassionate God kill millions of people? It is a tough question, I admit it. I don’t pretend I know the perfect answer, or that I personally like the event.

But the thing is with close examination, when one focuses on the lives spared and the details rather than the ones who were judged (rightfully I might add) perish, the event is an honest joy to think over. Since this is a grace post I won’t be digging all that deep into multiple theories on why God found only a flood adequate to bring judgement on those living in that time. Continue reading “God and the Great Flood”