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Heather Hale

  • Often in Christian circles, we talk about relying on Jesus to get us through hard times. It’s sound advice, but sometimes that ambiguous concept needs an action plan. First, we rely on Jesus when we turn to Him in earnest prayer, and we feel His peace through the Holy Spirit. However, another very tangible way God speaks to us is through scripture. When we turn to the Bible for peace and comfort, we put ourselves in a prime position to feel God’s love in our lives.The next time life feels a little too hard to handle, turn to one of these 10 Bible passages, and feel God intervene to give you peace.
  • 1. 1 Samuel 2 – Hannah’s Song

    In this beautiful passage, once barren Hannah praises the Lord saying, „there is none holy as the Lord.” Hannah’s story is particularly applicable today because she not only suffered infertility, she also endured bullying and false accusations. She is a great role model for all who are unjustly wronged.

  • 2. Daniel 3 – Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego

    The story of the fiery furnace reminds us that God is mindful of his servants, and we need not fear man’s consequences if we are serving God. By the end, even the king acknowledges that God, „delivered his servants that trusted in him.”

  • 3. Psalm 23 – The Lord is My Shepard

    The psalmist compares us to sheep, lovingly guided by an all-knowing shepherd. While this psalm testifies that we all will go through „the valley of the shadow of death,” there is comfort because we, „will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”

  • 4. Luke 1 – Zacharias and Elisabeth

    The story of Zacharias and Elisabeth and the birth of John the Baptist remind us to trust in the Lord’s timing, even when it takes extreme patience. God has a great work for each one of us if we trust in His plan.

  • 5. Acts 9 – The Conversion of Paul

    Saul, later Paul, was one of the greatest early detractors of Christianity until Jesus appeared to him. His question, „What wilt thou have me do?” gives us hope that no matter how far off the path we’ve strayed, we can always return.

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