Victory for Bodnariu family, reunited with their children


Some 200 people gather in central Oslo on April 16, 2016 to protest the state seizure of the five children of Christian couple Marius and Ruth Bodnariu by the Norwegian child welfare service Barnevernet.

The five children of the Marius and Ruth Bodnariu are to be reunited with them following a decision by Norway’s Barnevernet or child welfare service. Continue reading “Victory for Bodnariu family, reunited with their children”

Children Taken After School Principal Voices Concerns About ‘Very Christian’ Family


The controversy surrounding this has set off a firestorm.

Scott Mason May 16, 2016 at 10:24am

On Nov. 16, the Norwegian version child protective services agency, known as Barnevernet, took two sisters, ages 8 and 10, out of school and into custody. Officials then visited the girls’ home, where they removed two of their brothers, ages 2 and 5. The next day, they came and took a fifth sibling, only 3 months old. Continue reading “Children Taken After School Principal Voices Concerns About ‘Very Christian’ Family”



(Submitted by Octavian Curpas)

Outside the Oslo train central station, this piece of art stands.

When I go for my weekly drug test, as I have been for over a year now, I have been looking at the piece of “art.”

I think, “Did the artist consider Norwegian society in general?”

It is a society where they can take your children away until the parents have proved themselves good enough.

In Norway, parents are guilty until proven innocent.

It is a land where the police protect the oppressors, a land where dreams become nightmares. Continue reading “NORWAY…A COUNTRY WHERE EVEN ART IS UPSIDE DOWN!!!”

NORWAY: Barnevernet i-a luat copilul unei femei, imediat după naștere, de pe masa de operație!

IMG_sy724099.jpg_1_1_SD305M12Nyfødt baby: «Jeg er kvalm og jeg sitter i Oslo og gråter over at slike grusomme eksperimenter finner sted i min hjemby Trondheim» skriver Irina Haugane i dette debattinnlegget. ILLUSTRASJONSFOTO FOTO: HARTMUT SCHWARZBACH, SAMFOTO ARGUS

READ this ARTICLE in ENGLISH hereTHIS is NORWAY: She has carried her baby boy for nine months, but she will not see him. – READ this ARTICLE in ENGLISH here –

Tânăra mamă și-a văzut fiul într-o poză făcută de o asistentă (pe ascuns)

Un nou caz în care este implicată Protecția Copilului din Norvegia (Barnevernet) zguduie opinia publică. Continue reading “NORWAY: Barnevernet i-a luat copilul unei femei, imediat după naștere, de pe masa de operație!”

Testimony from Norway’s CPS Victims: Real and Raw

These are videos with stories directly from Barnevernet victims.  PLEASE SHARE these videos in the hope that many good and compassionate Norwegians will find out about the human rights violations happening in Norway, and hold Barnevernet accountable. Many thanks to Evgeni Dyakonov [ ] for allowing us to share these videos on Facebook and Delight in Truth. We hope these clips penetrate deep into the heart of Norway.

This is Marilena, an immigrant from Brazil. Barnevernet took her 5 children. She was unaware of the accusations against her when they took her children. She was a new immigrant to Norway and had language difficulties, therefore she could not communicate well with Barnevernet. Her family’s life has been destroyed.

Continue reading “Testimony from Norway’s CPS Victims: Real and Raw”

Cristian Ionescu Bombshell to Norway: “God Forbid They Not Return the Kids… We Do not Play Tic Tac Toe With Norway”

11226549_841096792665780_2086013199928861721_nPastor Cristian Ionescu from Elim Pentecostal Church in Chicago is the main architect of the global pro-Bodnariu/anti-Barnevernet movement. He is a Delight in Truth friend and a man of integrity who used the Bodnariu case as a spearhead to mobilize the world against the Norwegian CPS. He is in Norway to meet with Norwegian authorities this week, and he gave an interview to the top Romanian newspaper Adevarul.

He was asked:

“What will you continue to do? Norwegian authorities promised to re-analyze cases where children were removed by Barnevernet.” Continue reading “Cristian Ionescu Bombshell to Norway: “God Forbid They Not Return the Kids… We Do not Play Tic Tac Toe With Norway””

Child protection: A contribution to a much needed discussion


By Øivind Østberg, Barrister, Oslo

The article is an edited version of an article published on That article is in turn an expanded version of a talk held at a meeting hosted by The Polytechnical Association, Norway, in Oslo 29th of February 2016.
The article is published here with the generous consent of the author.
MH Skånland

Norway has a child protection agency (barnevernet) which commands considerable powers and resources. Continue reading “Child protection: A contribution to a much needed discussion”

Prof. Marianne H. Skanland Warns About Extensive Government Surveillance in Norway

Prof. Mariann H. Skanland W

Total surveillance of Norwegian homes to prevent crime?

March 11th 2016 brought the news that our government intends to increase secret surveillance in Norway. The Minister of Justice will have the police carry out new types of surveillance, without having to obtain a court order beforehand, including secret searches of homes, placing of secret microphones and cameras, hacking into private computers to obtain mail correspondence but also to monitor running activities such as drafts of mails which are never sent. (Links here, here and here). Continue reading “Prof. Marianne H. Skanland Warns About Extensive Government Surveillance in Norway”