Appeal to Oslo, Stryn, Bergen and the Rest of Norway!


Hello friends from Norway

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I am dr. Chris Prunean from California, the blogger at  As a father of 4 children and a physician, I would like to motivate you, the great people of Norway to no longer be silent about the human rights violations committed by the Child Protective Services in Norway. Continue reading “Appeal to Oslo, Stryn, Bergen and the Rest of Norway!”

Norway’s unwritten rules

scan-94_edited-1Now that I understand Norwegian I notice the unbelievable amount of articles coming out almost everyday on topics such as “How to design a happy child” or “Signs that you are a good mother“. Norwegian society seems completely obsessed with children, their well being, and what we, adults, do wrong. Was it like that in France when my mother was pregnant with me? Was it even like that in Norway 30 years ago?

I am at this age where every time I ring or meet a girlfriend she tells me she is pregnant. My facebook thread is filled with pictures of uterus ultrasounds with black and white pictures of E.T-like foetuses (I heard they get cuter later on). My holidays resonate with questions from my family and friends back home asking me whether I want children soon, because you know, the clock is ticking. My aunt even called me on my 30th birthday to advise me to freeze my eggs. The truth is what scares me more than to have kids is to have them in Norway. Continue reading “Norway’s unwritten rules”

CHRISTIAN POST: Norway Targeted Family for Christian Faith Before Seizing 5 Children, Lawyer Says

The Bodnariu case


The Bodnariu family. (Photo: Facebook/Norway, Return the children to Bodnariu Family)


Court documents and meeting minutes indicate that the Norwegian government expressed concern with the faith of a Romanian Pentecostal family before their five children were removed from parental custody in November, an attorney close to the situation claimed Monday. Continue reading “CHRISTIAN POST: Norway Targeted Family for Christian Faith Before Seizing 5 Children, Lawyer Says”

Norwegian fertility rate at historic low

The Norwegian fertility rate has been on steadily declining for years and newly released figures from Statistic Norway (SSB) show that in 2015 Norwegian it bottomed out at an average of 1.73 children per woman.  Continue reading “Norwegian fertility rate at historic low”

The Crime of Being Christian? Atheistic State Seizes Theists’ Children


Written by Selwyn Duke

Is Christianity now a crime? Is teaching of sin now a sin itself? Some would say this is the case in Norway, where a couple has had their five children seized by the government based on charges of, their lawyer reports, “Christian radicalization and indoctrination.”

Marius and Ruth Bodnariu’s problems began late last year when their five children, three boys and two girls aged three months to nine years, were seized by Barnevernet, Norway’s child-protection agency. Continue reading “The Crime of Being Christian? Atheistic State Seizes Theists’ Children”

Capitala NORVEGIEI – February 20th – PROTEST against Barnevernet at Eidsvoll Plass, OSLO


by Rodi Agnus Dei 


PROTEST ÎMPOTRIVA BARNEVERNETULUI și în sustinerea familiilor BODNARIU, NAN, RADULESCU și alte familii, potrivit Ministerului de Afaceri Externe, Norvegia a răpit 18 copii de români.  Continue reading “Capitala NORVEGIEI – February 20th – PROTEST against Barnevernet at Eidsvoll Plass, OSLO”

Norway, wake up!

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Pentru turiștii care nu provin din nordul Europei, mesajele statuilor care împodobesc parcurile din Oslo sunt mai mult decât bizare: bărbați care se consolează reciproc, ținându-se în brațe, copii încălecați, femei  […]

Cine este în spatele Barnevernet? Teoria conspirației sau despre încercarea suedezilor de a-i  supune pe norvegieni!

Autor: Florin Saiu | miercuri, 13 ianuarie 2016

Într-un cerc al intelectualilor din Oslo se vorbește despre un scenariu uluitor. O parte a norvegienilor crede că Barnevernet (Serviciul Social de Protecție a Copilului) ar fi unealta prin care Suedia ar încerca să controleze societatea din „Țara Fiordurilor”. Familia Bodnariu, la fel ca multe alte familii, ar fi picat la mijloc într-un război cu mize uriașe Continue reading “Norway, wake up!”

Norwegian Lawyers Protecting Pedophiles

47726A Norwegian lawyer criticized the local judicial system that, in her opinion, protects pedophiles. As a result, in many families children are forced to live with parents who subject them to sexual abuse. All attempts to appeal to the court are unsuccessful because the testimony of the children simply is not trusted.

Norwegian lawyer Thea Totland shared her fears with a reporter of local newspaper Vartoland. The article has a distinctive title: “Predators win the war on children.” Continue reading “Norwegian Lawyers Protecting Pedophiles”


Embassy makes gross bluff about Norwegian child protection

Norwegian politician criticizes Barnevernet in the Prague Post

Jan Simonsen

Mr. Jan Simonsen, a personal friend of EAL Convenor Jan-Aage Torp since 1999, was a member of Stortinget (Norway´s Parliament) for 16 years, as well as a member of the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights in the Council of Europe. Simonsen has sent us this article for re-publication. It was first published in the Prague Post on January 8th.

Norwegian politician criticizes Barnevernet in the Prague PostJan Simonsen and Jan-Aage Torp together at Jan-Aage´s 50th birthday celebration (photo credits: Tor H. Lanton)The Norwegian Embassy in Bucharest has published a fairly long statement about the Norwegian Child Welfare Services (Barnevernet) on its webpage.

It’s probably the same information other Norwegian embassies spread to various countries, including the Czech Republic. Continue reading “NORWEGIAN POLITICIAN CRITICIZES BARNEVERNET IN THE PRAGUE POST”



When they arrived at the meeting place, the girls started to shout of joy, even before seeing the parents. They ran from the office and jumped in their arms! Naomi jumped with her arms around Marius’ neck and Eliana almost made Ruth fall over. Continue reading “FINALLY, MARIUS & RUTH MET THE GIRLS FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THREE MONTHS FOR ONE HOUR”