Ken and Vibeke’s Story…What?

Ken and I are Facebook friends. We are both truth seekers.

Here is a speech I made to the Watchmen of Garland County last Monday. I told them Ken’s story. It is written in a speech format and should make easy reading. The speech took 20 minutes.

The Ken Olsen Story

Thank you for the opportunity to speak, Pastor Doug.

My brothers,

Having to be at work by 7:30 A.M. has meant missing The Watchmen of Garland County meetings for the past 2 years. I’ve been blessed to meet the wonderful students of Garland county as a public school substitute. I’ve missed you but I’ve taken the day off today for another reason.

If you have any questions about what I have said here today, please talk to me after the meeting or you may call me anytime.

Pastors are fighting on so many fronts today as you well know. What am I going to do? Educate you on a front which you probably know nothing about.

Before you shut me down at the beginning, who remembers what happened to the Stanley family here in Garland County last year? If you don’t remember or didn’t hear the story, their children were taken. Due process eventually took its course and the family was reunited.

If you don’t know about the case “absolutely no evidence of neglect or abuse had been found when 7 children were removed from their home and separated from their parents by the Garland County Sheriff’s Department. (1)
And speaking of 7…

The Rule of Seven is an old marketing adage that says a message must be heard at least seven times before someone takes action. (2)

I mention this because I will be reading selected portions of 3 short articles written by the same man on the same subject…his life. Maybe you can remember some of this by hearing it 3 times in 3 different ways.

The next time you hear about this subject will be an email alerting you to the next worldwide demonstration against Norway’s Child Protective Services.

(Show demonstration pics)

You probably don’t know that on the same day that “Derby Day,” was wrapping up the horse racing season there was a protest taking place across the world in over 70 cities and in many countries. There were over 60 thousand at Oaklawn that day. There were 50 people at Arlington Lawn in Hot Springs earlier in the day. The worldwide protest eclipsed the numbers at Oaklawn that day.

What were all of those protesters doing? They were trying to alert the world of something going on in Norway.

According to 2008 statistics:


Ranked #1 in the world as “most livable”

Ranked #2 in the world in per capita income

Had a 100% literacy rate…only 1 of 7 countries to hold that distinction.

Why would so many people be holding signs protesting something in Norway.

I have recently found out a few other facts about Norway.

The country found vast oil reserves in the 1960’s and the government owns 2/3rds of the largest oil company.

The State Church is funded by the government.

About half of the members of the State Church in Norway say they are not Christians.

Today, I will tell you the story of one person. The truth is, there are thousands like him in the Nordic countries. What is happening there under the title of “child protection” can only be called evil.

This is a picture of my friend Ken Olsen. These are his words:

“This picture was taken in November last year at a visitation with Aria (AR..eea). It was taken by the psychologist since we won’t let Barnevernet workers take pictures of us. It’s wrong of them to break up a family and then offer to take a family picture.”

The first source I quote is an article Published March 18th, 2016 in the ARMONIA MAGAZINE – USA
(I have edited all three articles for easier listening. I have changed no major content. CR)

The title is: “Ken Joar Olsen and his Aria – Norway”

“My story with Barnevernet (that’s the name for Norway’s “Child Protective Services”) starts when I was 8 years old. They started bullying my Mother. I was living alone with her on a small island called Vigra (off of the coast of Norway) After a year of intimidation, my Mother packed some bags and fled to Denmark with me.

Fourteen days later we were staying in a Danish hotel. My Mom was out working when, suddenly, police officers and the Danish Barnevernet come storming in and forcefully removed me. Maybe they thought my Mom was neglecting me. I have never found out the real reason that I was taken.

They placed me in an acute institution. The place was terrible. They beat me for not brushing my teeth well enough. I did not understand what they were saying and I was scared of the dark. They locked me up in a DARK bedroom. I was screaming and crying, so they threatened me. I still remember looking out the key hole all night just to see some light. After a week they moved me to a much bigger institution.

They forced me to start ALONE in a Danish school. It was a BIG school with 500 students. I was still scared and I did not speak or understand the language. I was bullied a lot and started fighting. I got expelled so they moved me to another institution. The place was a real HELL, with a lot of sexual and physical abuse. My mother gave birth to my little sister when I was eleven years old and I told her about some of the abuse during the few visitations we had. I did not mention the sexual abuse, of course, but still SHE CAME to my rescue and got me out of there. It was too late. I felt “ruined” and had become a “problem child.”

My mother could not control me after the abusive institution. I was an angry and damaged 11 year old boy. I really don’t know who’s decision it was when I was moved away from my Mom.

I was relocated to a foster home, which was “ok.” All the while I felt and knew I was only an income for them, me and the three others. This was eventually proven. When the construction of their house was complete and they had a baby of their own, we 3 children under 18 were thrown out. I was moved to a new institution. I lived there until I was 16 years old, then they kicked me out to live in my own apartment.

That ended badly. I wound up in a jail, sentenced to 1 1/2 years. I was then released into a new foster family. This ended quickly when they got divorced. I have been in and out of trouble due to a violent past involving criminal gangs, drugs, more jail time, etc. This type of thing happens to most of us who have grown up under the “Child Protective Services” called Barnevernet.

My dad is a unknown story, and my mother became a heavy drinker when i was taken by the Barnevernet. She fell out a window and died when I was 18.

In 2004, they deported me back to Norway. I STILL had no HELP or anyone to care about my past. I was almost 30 and was being returned to complete a prison sentence.

Fast forward to January of 2015 when we had our princess Aria. She was a beautiful baby so, of course, Barnevernet came to the hospital after 2 days and took her away.

The reason?

My own upbringing under the “care” of Barnevernet. THEY say that children under their care will not have a chance in the future to be able to be caring enough to have a child. This sickens me. THAT’S WHY I have a STRONG HATRED. I KNOW WHAT THEY DO TO OUR CHILDREN. BEEN THERE TRIED THAT.”

Ken now can see his little girl, Aria, six times a year for 2 hours each.

The second source that I’d like to use is one from The Miorita Magazine/A Romanian-American Independent Newspaper. It was Published April 2nd, 2016

Title: Proof of Barnevernet’s criminal activity

“It is stated by the European human rights Court that a placement of a child outside its biological family is an action that can be done only as a temporary measure. And it should be as brief as possible, according to Norwegian courts.

In our case, the Psychologist, a specialist appointed from the court, who spent over 100 hours on the investigation, stated that we should be given a chance as parents. Also our regular doctors for the last 4 years didn’t see any problems with us as caregivers. Moreover, a witness from Nav Lillestrøm didn’t see any problems, and also a woman who “adopted” me and introduced me into her family as her own son didn’t see any problems.
However, Barnevernet agents “saw a problem.” Arnfinn Heimstad, the boss of Barnevernet in Lørenskog refused to talk to us.

Two contracted women from Barnevernet, Lene Jargren & Mette Haugen, did see a problem (They talked with us for 3 hours after Aria was taken). Psychologist Britta Strømme from the municipal saw a problem and made a phone call to us about it. The same Psychologist used by Barnevernet as a special witness for them was behind one of the anxious reports sent to the the office in Lørenskog.

Now, 5 months later, even after the court stated that Barnevernet did this in a wrong way, there have been no further investigations on us as the parents of Baby Aria.

There has been no further interest from Barnevernet’s Leader, Arnfinn Heimstad, in investigating the consultants he hired in my case.

NO FURTHER INTEREST in bringing our princess Aria back to her family.

This is A CLEAR VIOLATION of Aria’s Human Rights and our Human Rights.

Arnfinn Heimstad is personally responsible for the crime he continues to commit against our family without being accountable to anybody.

We will not stop our fight for justice. Someone should be thinking of the severity of the crime he committed. Instead, we are shown an extremely bad attitude by Barnevernet. They don’t care about the opinions of other professionals involved.”

About a month after this publication, Ken and I became facebook friends.

He wrote an article and posted it to Facebook on Sunday, April 24th.


“Hello. To any who see this, know that I have never asked for much during my 41 years of life.

But now, I ask you for this one thing only. It will mean an incredible amount to me and many others. Could you please take 3 minutes of your time to read this and afterwards, take some time to think about it. We, as former children under “public care” are condemned for the rest of our lives.

CPS ALWAYS argues that the child was very damaged and neglected in his own biological family during childhood BEFORE they (Barnevernet) came into the picture. I have often said that this is not necessarily correct and I will try to explain to you why I believe this.

I was born in Ålesund on a small Island named vigra, a place where everyone knows everyone. My mom was a single mother and we had a HUGE biological family, which never reacted negatively about the care my mother gave me. They have never made any phone calls to the CPS called Barnevernet.

I was like any other young boy. I went to school and in my free time, I enjoyed fishing, shooting with bow and arrows, playing soccer etc.

I spent time with my male role models, my grandfather and uncles.

I don’t claim that my mom was perfect but I remember her as a good and loving caregiver.

Thus, I was not a neglected child. Fourteen days after mom and I moved to Denmark. I was forcefully abducted by Børnevernet. It is the same as the Norwegian Barnevernet.

I was scared for the next 7 years when I lived under “public care.”

Like many other children under CPS’s watchful eye, I was not attending primary school in a conventional manner with a full curriculum.

I ended up with a prison sentence at the age of 16, with a sentence of 18 months.

This is one of many convictions I have received and served.

I’m not saying that it’s not my own stupid choices and I take responsibility for that, but the anger and “tools” that my CPS upbringing gave me didn’t help.

As CPS so nicely says, one cannot expect to be better than the environment one grew up in.

IF they had a reason to take me, they had seven years to correct my “damage.” I struggled like any other lonely child of a single parent before they took me away.

I was probably a bit spoiled and used to getting things by nagging or giving my mother a “hard time.”

BUT in 7 years, CHILD WELFARE achieved nothing. Instead of a victim as they ALLEGEDLY removed me as, I ended up as a perpetrator (assailant / robber /using illegal substances). Therefore, I have been gagged and condemned, since now I have a criminal record. Now, what I say means nothing.

I am by no means the only one.

Three out of ten inmates in Norwegian prisons were in contact with the Barnevernet before the age of 16. (3)

Ken is now reading the Bible on Bible Gateway one verse at a time.
He has told me: ” It is important to read about things other than destruction.”




3) (Source: source Published: 18th February 2004)



2 thoughts on “Ken and Vibeke’s Story…What?

  1. Thank you for posting this story. It is a real look at the results of generations of children taken from loving parents.

    Chris Reimers

    1. Thank you both for using your time on us, and taking us serious.
      It means so much more than one can imagine, and i hope our story can be used as a proof of the dysfunctional “care” that’s offered in this business where the tears and blood of our children are their trade.

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