Norwegian Child Protection Barnevernet (CWS), a State Within the State?

By Morten Ørsal Johansen
Translated by Professor Marianne H. Skanland

Barnevernet, the Norwegian Child Welfare Services (CWS), do not remove children from their parents for no reason, or do they? I have to admit that I myself have been among those who thought that there must be a very good reason behind their taking children into care. The first thing you think of is that probably, the parents have subjected their children to violence, or to neglect, there are drug or alcohol problems in the family or they have in some other way exposed the children to serious neglect. In the course of my political life I have obtained thorough insight into Barnevernet and close contact with many of the families who are affected by the agency. I will go as far as to say they have been struck by disaster. Continue reading “Norwegian Child Protection Barnevernet (CWS), a State Within the State?”


nadia-and-caspian-june-2016-croppedCaspian and Nadia
June 2016

It is almost a week since an update appeared here. There are a few events worth noting that have happened since then.

Nadia was allowed to see Caspian last Thursday and Friday.

According to an accurate source, Nadia thought that the visitations went very well. Caspian remembered Nadia on the first visit. Nadia was concerned before the visit that Caspian might not remember her very well. Continue reading “BABY CASPIAN KIDNAPPED IN NORWAY…UPDATE #7”

Finally! Norwegian Media Covers Bodnariu vs. Barnevernet in Detail!



This is the title of the front page story that spans 15 pages in Bergens Tidende, one of the largest Norwegian newspapers. The article is also available by subscription online and hundreds of thousands of Norwegians are subscribed. Continue reading “Finally! Norwegian Media Covers Bodnariu vs. Barnevernet in Detail!”

SOCIAL MEDIA Has Exposed the Norwegian CPS


Delight in Truth asked Norwegian anti-CPS activist Marianne Skanland how the mainstream Norwegian media will cover the international outrage against Barnevernet. So far there have been a few TV reports and news articles documenting the protests, but some of these reports have been spun to give the consumer the idea that Barnevernet is not understood internationally… that these protesters have no idea how the system works. Continue reading “SOCIAL MEDIA Has Exposed the Norwegian CPS”