SOCIAL MEDIA Has Exposed the Norwegian CPS


Delight in Truth asked Norwegian anti-CPS activist Marianne Skanland how the mainstream Norwegian media will cover the international outrage against Barnevernet. So far there have been a few TV reports and news articles documenting the protests, but some of these reports have been spun to give the consumer the idea that Barnevernet is not understood internationally… that these protesters have no idea how the system works.

Marianne, who was an expert witness in CPS cases and understands the system as well as anyone, responded by appealing to the New Year’s mass sexual attacks in Cologne, Germany by Muslim foreigners. This event was largely suppressed in the mainstream media, but the world somehow found out about it.

Why? Because of small news outlets, blogs and the average common sense human beings who shared the news in SOCIAL MEDIA.

SOCIAL MEDIA is the reason the Romanian media picked up the Bodnariu case and now almost every person in Romania knows about it. SOCIAL MEDIA is the reason the Romanian Evangelical Church (and recently the Orthodox) is mobilizing their members to take to the streets and protest the kidnapping of children in Norway.

The bottom line is this: for now we must rely on Social Media.

We hope the mainstream media will expose the evil of Barnevernet. But we cannot count on it. The Norwegian media is not conditioned to think independently because they are subservient to a centralized system that frowns upon dissent. Hence, the eerie parallels to totalitarian systems like communism, fascism, etc.

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