Amazing Videos of Global Anti-Barnevenet Protests

protest-bodnariu-sibiu-465x390Thousands are marching in protest against the Norwegian CPS (Barnevernet) for confiscating the five Bodnariu children without warning, without investigation, and without due process.

3 thoughts on “Amazing Videos of Global Anti-Barnevenet Protests

  1. The Norwegian Minnister Solveig Horne is bragging that she can “fend off” all of the street protests” of Romanians! Can you believe the arrogance of this brazen lady?
    In addition to her brazen and arrogant behavior, the State itself and its agency she supervises are getting away (every day) with mega millions of dollars in damages (compensation) these Romanian (and other nationalities similarly situated) families suffering victims–as much as $1,5 billion in damages and some $2,5 billion or more punitive and exemplary damages! These are very serious legal concerns no one is willing to address. Basically, if the Norway state decides to return all these children confiscated by force, to their families, the aggrieved parents who are now already irreparably harmed, in addition to their children, will receive no financial and punitive compensation! Think about months and years, which human beings (families with children) have suffered tremendous and irreparable harm at the hands of Norway state and its agency Barnevernet–without being compensated for the infliction of such a crushing and exceedingly painful sufferance?

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