O chinezoaică ridiculizează Germania!

by Daniel Branzei

În opinia generalizată de politicienii și presa germană, trenul, cuțitul, poliția, societatea, soarta și cetățenii sunt vinovați. Singurul nevinovat este teroristul! Dacă așa ceva s-ar fi întâmplat în China …

Opinion: Diversionary tactic in Würzburg

All possible aspects of the train attack in Würzburg have been discussed in its wake, except those that are most important. Politicians and media representatives are highly practiced in the exercise, says Zhang Danhong.


To start, a few words of condolence to the Hong Kong family that was vacationing in Bavaria and became the victims of a hateful young Islamic radical on Monday:

“I am endlessly saddened by what happened to you in that train. You sought a German idyll and instead experienced the worst nightmare imaginable. I hope from the bottom of my heart that you will once again awaken from this horror, even if your lives can never be the same again. My thoughts are with you and your relatives in Hong Kong. You must not take personally the fact that most of my colleagues have barely taken notice of you. They have to deal with a number of other very important questions.”

Bayern Attacke in Regionalzug bei Würzburg-Heidingsfeld Blutfleck The bloody crime scene illustrated the attack’s brutality

Questions such as: “Was the lethal force of police against the perpetrator justified?” “Was the attacker given enough of an opportunity to integrate into German society?” “Was he a terrorist that snuck into Germany among refugees, or was he radicalized after he got here?”

That last question is of the utmost political importance. If the young Afghan were already a terrorist when he came to Germany, it would shine a very negative light on the government's refugee policy. For politicians it is therefore important to determine whether the minor was acting on orders from Islamic State (IS), or if he should be thought of as an individual perpetrator.

After the attack, Federal Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere announced that the attacker had not received orders from IS. Media outlets have thus determined that what we are dealing with is a personal rampage and not an act of terror in the strictest sense. For that reason, the media have gone to great lengths to avoid using the term “terror” in their reporting. In doing so, they seem to be saying that the public at large is unable to tell the difference between peaceful Muslims and Islamic terrorists.

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