Let the Whole World Hear: The Kidnapping of an Infant in Norway


Five police officers along with a social worker from Barnevernet stormed Margaret Hennum’s house. In true 1930’s Nazi style, they took Caspian, the above sleeping infant from his crib. In fact, this picture is taken not long before the kidnapping.

Context: Margaret is a neonatal intensive care nurse working in Norway and she has been housing Nadia and her infant son Caspian for the past month. Nadia has been discharged from a Mother’s Home in Norway about a month ago and she has been housed by Margaret’s family since then. Their story was published anonymously by Chris Reimers here. They are no longer anonymous. They are desperate after what they experienced today.

While Nadia was at an appointment, Barnevernet backed by police showed up and snatched the baby under the pretext that the baby does not have identification. Just like that. There was nothing Margaret with her credentials could do.

The police admitted that they didn’t really understand the situation, they just had orders that had to be carried out. No court orders were shown. No arrest warrants. No real motive. The family were just told that a mother and her son are being sought out. Margaret reports that the policeman in charge had a very sad and troubled look on his face, yet he went along with this terrible operation.

How can this happen in a modern civilized country?

I avoided referring to Norway and to Barnevernet as a Nazi system until now. I instructed all the speakers at the April 16th protest in Los Angeles not to mention any association between Norway’s CPS and Nazism or Fascism. We wanted to stay positive and constructive. We wanted to appeal to reason.

But this is too much.

This is what Nazis did in the 1930-40’s. They would storm houses looking for Jews and children of Jews. When they found them they would take them away. Forever.

It is exactly what the Norwegian CPS/Police extraction team performed today.

The entire world will now find out what happened in Brandal, Norway.

Thank you Margaret for your courage. Thank you Wings of the Wind, Agnus Dei and Steven Bennett for spreading the story.

Please share with everyone.

Source: Delight in Truth

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