Cruz-Avramescu Case: Child Protection Outrage in Norway


A bizarre situation illustrating the outrage against the Norwegian CPS has developed in Norway with a Norwegian-Romanian family.

In March 2014, the two boys (5 and 6 years old) of deaf parents Roberto Cruz and Andreea Avramescu were confiscated by Barnevernet after allegations of spanking at home. Spanking or corporal discipline is not considered child abuse throughout the world at large, but in Norway it is illegal. Continue reading “Cruz-Avramescu Case: Child Protection Outrage in Norway”

Let the Whole World Hear: The Kidnapping of an Infant in Norway


Five police officers along with a social worker from Barnevernet stormed Margaret Hennum’s house. In true 1930’s Nazi style, they took Caspian, the above sleeping infant from his crib. In fact, this picture is taken not long before the kidnapping.

Context: Margaret is a neonatal intensive care nurse working in Norway and she has been housing Nadia and her infant son Caspian for the past month. Nadia has been discharged from a Mother’s Home in Norway about a month ago and she has been housed by Margaret’s family since then. Their story was published anonymously by Chris Reimers here. They are no longer anonymous. They are desperate after what they experienced today. Continue reading “Let the Whole World Hear: The Kidnapping of an Infant in Norway”

Aage Simonsen: Norw. child protection hits immigrants hard

Redd Våre Barn
10 July 2012
Norwegian child protection hits immigrants hard
by Aage Simonsen

This article was first published on 4 July 2012 by Pravasi Today in Delhi:
Norwegian child protection hits immigrants hard

Dr.scient Aage Simonsen is a Norwegian biologist who works in nature conservation. He has served on a municipal committee in Bergen monitoring cases prepared by the Child Welfare Service agency, and has written a number of articles on the issue of child protection. Continue reading “Aage Simonsen: Norw. child protection hits immigrants hard”