Scared Parent from Norway Speaks Out

Vanilla-Ice-Cream-ConeDelight in Truth received this comment from Norway. It highlights the sense of fear that Norwegian citizens have with respect to their CPS. Some data has been edited to protect the author.

“Hi. Thank you everybody out there for speaking up for us parents here in Norway. We are many, we are scared, we have no hope. Please help us deliver this pain and suffering this restriction of speaking up, to resist to the government [is] too risky for us.

I am a single mother. I sent my […] year old child across the street of my working place after work to buy ice cream. Some people saw him alone and talking to a stranger in front of the ice cream fridge. They called the police. When my child came out too me with ice cream my child went to the lunch room. The police came into my work place asking for my child and the man my child was speaking with. We had to lie to the police, that we did not see a child. If they had seen him with the ice cream they would have taken him to interrogation to barnehuset. Removed him from his home beacause I didn’t watch him this second.

I was so scared, luckily I was sparred this time, next time I don’t think before I let him out playing or anything else unforeseen happens I will lose my child for not being there all the time.

This is the terror, everyday terror I live with. In a city of […] people. I know about 20 parents scarred to death to get in the same situation as me with the ice cram incident. I know of hundreds of people I have spoken to that live in fear. Working as a […] so people dare to speak with me. We live in fear, in restriction, we are suffocated in our own country. Too scared to resist, to speak.

Please help us. Talk for us. We need you out there speaking for us.”

Source: Delight in Truth


Reading in Google Translate> Norwegian story:

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