Romanian Minister Costea Under Pressure to Resign After Barnevernet Comments


Europe, especially Eastern Europe has become allergic to the idea of Barnevernet-style child protection. This is for good reason given the recent abuses by the Norwegian CPS in cases like the Bodnariu, Nan and Avramescu families.

Romanian labor, family and social protection minister Claudia Ana Costea was asked if a brutal and aggressive CPS like Barnevernet is needed in Romania.

The minister proceeded to defend Barnevernet actions calling them “social discipline.”

Well, common sense Romanians have picked up on it and are calling for her resignation. Blogs, social media and internet comments are buzzing with disapproval toward her stance.

Separating children from their parents based on trivial reasons is not social discipline. It is a human rights violation.

Minister Costea seems to not understand the difference between violation of basic human rights like access to due process in CPS cases and social discipline. She apparently thinks that the two are one and the same concept. Looks the money that the Norwegian government poured into Romania and the Norwegian exportation of CPS ideology have tainted the minister and the Romanian government. No wonder president Klaus Iohannis has been quiet on the issue.

Romania does not need Barnevernet mercenaries.  Romania needs the children of its citizens returned to them.

Let’s see what minister Costea has to see when tens of thousands will hit the streets in Romania on April 16th, 2016 and protest against Barnavernet actions. Hopefully she will no longer be a minister by then.

One thought on “Romanian Minister Costea Under Pressure to Resign After Barnevernet Comments

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