The judge has decided: Caspian is NOT coming home to Nadia!

Within the past few hours, Nadia has received a verdict by e-mail and Margaret Hennum has talked to Nadia’s lawyer by phone.

The judge has ruled against Nadia and Caspian.

The Wings of the Wind has been told by a good source that there was only one thing the judge considered in this hearing. Continue reading “BABY CASPIAN KIDNAPPED IN NORWAY…UPDATE #5”



Nadia’s lawyer thought that a decision would be made in his client’s case today. He and Nadia waited for a phone call or a text message.

None came.

Nadia received a text message from her lawyer at approximately 4:50 pm this afternoon. It read:

“I have not heard anything and they are closed. This means that they will not decide until Monday.” Continue reading “BABY CASPIAN KIDNAPPED IN NORWAY…UPDATE #4”



It is 7:00 am Norway time, Friday, June 24th. According to a source that is very close to this case, today will be an important day in the life of Baby Caspian. A decision will be made that will affect his future.

This publication has learned that a hearing was held yesterday at the offices of the County Council for Child Welfare and Social Affairs (Fylkesnemnda). The Wings of the Wind is unsure of the particular office (1 of 12 in the country) where this hearing was held. Continue reading “BABY CASPIAN KIDNAPPED IN NORWAY…UPDATE #3”




The account of this little Norwegian boy continues to spread worldwide. Caspian’s mother Nadia is focused on the welfare of her son and is very concerned about several things. Nadia has had very little visitation with Caspian. She fears that her own son will not recognize her the next time he sees her. This happened the last time there was visitation, now days ago, before Caspian had been moved as far away as Bergen. The Wings of the Wind has not been able to verify this but it is thought that Norway’s CPS has moved the child there because Nadia has an address listed there. Continue reading “BABY CASPIAN KIDNAPPED IN NORWAY…UPDATE #2”

Barnevernet Boss Comments on the Bodnariu Case

Go away. Everything is fine. Nothing to see here…

That seems to be the attitude of Solveig Horne, the Norwegian Minister of Children and Equality, as if the Bodnariu case was just any other CPS case.

She said as reported by The Local: “I’m glad to hear that the parents and Barnevernet have come to an agreement and will cooperate so that the children can move back in with their parents. Now we will respect the children and the family by complying with their request for peace.” Continue reading “Barnevernet Boss Comments on the Bodnariu Case”

Cazul Bodnariu schimbă legislația în Norvegia


După ratificarea Convenției de la Haga din 1996

by Călin Marchievici

Ca urmare a protestelor împotriva serviciului social de protecție a copilului din Norvegia, guvernul de la Oslo a anunțat două modificări care ar putea influența viitoarele acțiuni ale controversatei agenții a statului, scrie

Guvernul a anunțat joi că ratificarea Convenției de la Haga din 1996, privind responsabilitatea părinților, va duce la modificarea modului de acțiune al serviciului social de protecție a copilului in cazurile in care copilul are legatura cu mai multe țări. Continue reading “Cazul Bodnariu schimbă legislația în Norvegia”

Barnevernet Resorting to Intimidation


Delight in Truth has received multiple private messages on Facebook from different persons who were targeted by Barnevernet without having done anything wrong. Some were harassed because they spoke out against the CPS on their social media accounts, others were targeted because they are a single parent, while others had their children removed for the simple fact that they themselves were raised in Barnevernet part of their life. Some of these people had their children removed temporarily, while others have yet to receive their children back. Continue reading “Barnevernet Resorting to Intimidation”