God and the Great Flood

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Genesis 6:5-8 & 18 – The Great Flood is one of the most controversial events when it comes to God and apologetics.

Some people who look into the faith shrivel back into their disbelief, for how could an all-loving and all-compassionate God kill millions of people? It is a tough question, I admit it. I don’t pretend I know the perfect answer, or that I personally like the event.

But the thing is with close examination, when one focuses on the lives spared and the details rather than the ones who were judged (rightfully I might add) perish, the event is an honest joy to think over. Since this is a grace post I won’t be digging all that deep into multiple theories on why God found only a flood adequate to bring judgement on those living in that time. Continue reading “God and the Great Flood”

Fear Not

imageBy Alina Sopt
Phoenix, Arizona

God says “Do not fear” or something similar to that 365 times in the Bible. That’s enough to keep our hearts still each day of the year. Amidst all the chaos around you, it is easy to lose hope and optimism. Though Christians overall feel less afraid than the general population, we can still have some demanding, paralyzing fears. However, God expects us to trust Him even though those fears may seem like giants. When fear strikes, just pick up the Bible, read one of your favorite passages, and rest in knowing God is with you and will never leave you.

Afraid of death? Jesus killed it. Afraid of diseases? Continue reading “Fear Not”

Convenţia Bisericilor Penticostale din America de Nord a avut loc în Arizona

2Convenţia Română Penticostală din America de Nord a avut loc în perioada 30 august – 2 septembrie 2013, la biserica Happy Valley din Phoenix, Arizona, condusă de pastorul Cornel Avram ( www.happyvalley.cc ).

Ultima dată când convenţia a fost ţinută în Statul Marelui Canion a fost în anul 2006. Evenimentul, catalogat de unii ca fiind cea mai mare întrunire anuală a românilor din diaspora, a avut loc constant în ultimii 45 de ani, în weekend-ul de „Labor Day” (Ziua Muncii). În fiecare an, Convenţia are o temă pe marginea căreia pastorii îşi axează subiectele predicilor. Anul acesta, tema întrunirii a fost „Descoperă pasiunea slujirii”. Români din SUA, Canada şi România s-au adunat pentru trei zile în cadrul Convenţiei, într-un număr de aproximativ 4000 de persoane. Credo TV, un post creştin de televiziune în limba română, relativ nou, a fost responsabil cu filmările şi transmiterea online a programelor în direct. Programele Convenţiei au fost difuzate pe situl (www.credo.tv ), iar Convenţia a fost reprodusă pe DVD-uri, disponibile pentru toţi cei care au dorit sau intenţionează să urmărească aceste programe ulterior. Continue reading “Convenţia Bisericilor Penticostale din America de Nord a avut loc în Arizona”

A Review of the 2013 Romanian Pentecostal Convention in Arizona


Reporter Alina Sopt

From August 30, 2013 to September 2, 2013, the annual Romanian Pentecostal Convention from North America was held at Happy Valley Romanian church (led by Pastor Cornel Avram) in Phoenix, Arizona. The last time the convention was hosted in Phoenix was in 2006. Overall, the convention has been running for a straight forty-five years. Each year the convention is assigned a certain topic, or tema, from which the pastors are to draw their sermons from. This year the topic was “descopera pasiunea slujirii” or in English “discovering your passion for serving”. Romanians from Romania, Canada and around the United States gathered in an approximate attendance of 3,500-4,000 for all three days of the convention. Credo TV, a relatively new Christian Romanian network, was in charge of filming, transmitting the service online (which is featured on their website at http://www.credo.tv) and reproducing the convention into DVDs. Continue reading “A Review of the 2013 Romanian Pentecostal Convention in Arizona”

Alina SOPT, Arizona – Anthem Community Park Welcomes Agape Romanian Church in Arizona for Spring 2013 Picnic

1It’s no secret that Agape Romanian Church in Arizona is the place “unde dragostea este la ea acasa” or “where love is at her place”, so it’s also no surprise that the spring church picnic for the tightly knit band of loving brothers and sisters at Agape shone, even in the heat of approaching summer. Continue reading “Alina SOPT, Arizona – Anthem Community Park Welcomes Agape Romanian Church in Arizona for Spring 2013 Picnic”