His Wounded Heart Bled Bible: John Bunyan (1628–1688)

John Bunyan found strength to preach under persecution, suffer imprisonment, and receive scorn from one place: the living word of God.

Source: His Wounded Heart Bled Bible: John Bunyan (1628–1688)

Despre acest țigan prea ales al lui Dumnezeu:

John Bunyan
(Elstow, Harrowden, Bedfordshire, 28/11/1628 – Snow Hill, London, 31/8/1688)

John Bunyan was the author of the most popular classic of Christian literature: “The Pilgrim’s Progress”. He is widely considered by historians as a “Tinker”, a name given in Great Britain and Ireland not only to Gypsies but also to other Traveller groups. However, there is strong evidence that the Bunyans were Romanichals, whose traditional occupation is that of brazier. In his autobiographic work “Grace Abounding”, Bunyan wrote some statements about his descent as the most despised of all the families of the land, and considered that his particular lineage may be that of the lost Israelites ‒ such…

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