Biola and Other Christian Universities Targeted by LGBT Agenda

GoSNHOPkIt has been close to one year since the US Supreme Court made same-sex marriage the law of the land. The Court of course cannot make laws in the first place, but that is a discussion for another time.

Many thought it would be years before we see restrictions on churches and their ability to preach the gospel as it is written in the Bible, including sermons against homosexual practice. But some, including justices Scalia and Alito foresaw restrictions not only on churches but on Christian schools who uphold the traditional position on marriage and human relationships.

They were right.

The liberal legislature in California is trying to restrict funding to and potentially shut down Christian colleges like Biola University. These schools have sought exemptions from non-discrimination acts based on religious beliefs, but now those exemptions may be taken away if California lawmakers have their way.

Bills are being introduced targeting Biola, the flagship conservative evangelical university in California for discrimination against LGBT students. This is happening because Biola does not offer admissions for LGBT students and official recognition for LGBT associations and clubs on campus. Biola receives almost $3.7 million a year from the federal government which could be halted and the school potentially shut down for discrimination if these kind of bills are made into law.

Of note, many of these Christian universities also have religious exemptions banning co-habitation of unmarried couples and prohibiting admission to women who are pregnant out-of-wedlock.

The LGBT lobby in Sacramento wants to put an end to all of this “discrimination.”

They are not happy that Christian schools teach the Bible. They do not want Christian school to produce ministers who preach against their depraved view.

This is only the beginning. Wait until today’s elementary school students who are brainwashed in their classes by the LGBT agenda grow up and become our teachers, legislators and pastors.

Nevermind, that is already happening.

Today they are targeting schools for not enrolling open LGBT students. Tomorrow, churches.

Source: Delight in Truth

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