Freedom of Religion Restricted by CPS in Norway

13461248_1059819107420112_1674866605_o (2)

This issue first came to light in the Bodnariu case where nosy teachers and social workers pressed the Bodnariu girls on theological issues taught in their family. Issues regarding sin, and God’s punishment of it. Based on the girls’ answers, CPS further probed them with leading questions which led to a 6 month confiscation ordeal. Religious matters were definitely a factor in this case, in a country that touts freedom of religion.

As we study more cases in Norway we gather more troubling findings.

The official religion in Norway is Protestant Christianity which practices infant baptism.  We have received reports of Barnevernet preventing confiscated children from being baptised. Infant baptism is a central doctrine in traditional Protestantism and it is restricted in Norway when Barnevernet gets involved.

Delight in Truth has obtained proof of this. The above logo is taken directly from a letter of baptism denial to a family who wished to have their child baptised. Here are some excerpts from said letter dated from 2015:

“… since the care situation is under judicial consideration, the future care situation is not clear. If there is to be a baptism carried out now, there will be a need for the interim foster parents to be present, and there will be monitoring carried out by the Child Protection Service. We have discussed the case, and recommend that the baptism of [***] be postponed until the case is finally decided in the courts, and the care situation has been clarified.

….The Child Protection Service therefore finds it difficult to facilitate a baptismal ceremony on […], 2015″.

This is in effect a denial of standard religious practice. Just like the Bodnariu family was sanctioned for using the Bible as their ultimate guide for their life.

This is effective in a country where the Christian cross is pasted on its flag.

Maybe Barnevernet ought to recommend removal of the cross from the Norwegian flag.

Source: Delight in Truth

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