Crystal Nuttle: Running for Arizona State Senate-District 29

d129dd3b-c77d-4b2f-90a3-195696e46f4cFrom firsthand experience, Crystal Nuttle knows the pain of unjustly losing custody of her children in 1995 by the Arizona Court System. Through a seemingly unending battle she had the victory of regaining full custody! Crystal’s testimony in 2000 was crucial in passing a blocked Senate bill into law which protects both parents and children. In 2001 Crystal spoke at the United Nations at the “Worldwide Children Summit” in behalf of children’s “needs” rather than “rights”. Crystal is a “Certified Court Watcher” for child custody issues. She has full support from her husband of fifteen years, along with her family and friends. Crystal is a Precinct Committeewoman as well as an AZ State Delegate who believes Arizona would greatly benefit from having more Statesmen than Politicians. Crystal is asking for your vote to be your Senator, your Stateswoman and your Voice for Safety, Education and Job Creation for LD 29.

Strengths and Focus:

* Encourages those who believe that life will not get any better

* Always takes an optimistic view to a seemingly hopeless situation

* Knows how to stand her ground until victory is achieved

* Does NOT compromise her moral convictions to do the right thing when pressured to do otherwise.

* Leadership qualities to bring District 29 into being a shining and vibrant example of how a community works together in unity with issues that concerns the district.

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