Ken Joar Olsen, My Good Friend, Speaks in Trondheim

Having known Ken only a few months, it seems like I have known him my entire life. He is honest, brave, and a role model to all who have gone through difficulties and have come out on another side.

Ken didn’t have a Bible when I first met him, but he knew how to operate the internet well. I asked him to go to Bible gateway and begin to read. He told me that it was nice to read something that wasn’t destructive (or words similar to that). He continues to read his Bible daily.

Ken is a hero of mine. He is a gifted individual with many talents. I know. I am a teacher who can spot talent. God has given him those talents and it is sad that, because of the cruel “Child Protective Services” in Norway that he hasn’t really started using them until now.

I have never gone through what he has. I only hope if I ever go though anything as difficult as he, that I will turn out like he has. Yes, he has a long way to go to forgive those who have ruined his life to this point. Wouldn’t you? Yet, he continues on to help others in need.

One day he will read the story of the good Samaritan and he will see that it is about people like him, selflessly acting to help others. The only difference is that Jesus never told us that the Good Samaritan had been targeted by bullies himself once. One might imagine that to be the case, though, as the Good Samaritan felt sympathy for the hurt man and didn’t walk by when so many others (including the “religious”) did.

The world needs more men like Ken Olsen. I am glad he considers me to be his friend.

Chris Reimers

Ken and Vibeke’s Story…What?


My Friend Ken and CPS Recorded/Vibeke Speaks

Ken Joar Olsen and his Aria – Norway

BTW..Ken is trying to get the scrolling at the end slowed down. I highly recommend that you stop and read it. It gives more details about his incredible experience with Norway’s “Child Protective Services.”



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