Public Appeal from European Parliament Member to Government of Norway

Delight in Truth

Tomáš Zdechovský is a member of the European Parliament, and he just dropped a public hammer on Solveig Horne, the Minister of Youth and Equality from Norway. This is a public appeal on behalf of Eva Michalakova, the Bodnariu family, the family of baby Aria and others. Perhaps Romanian politicians should do the same. Write public letters, demand meetings with Norway’s government and push hard for the release of the Children confiscated unfairly by Barnevernet.

Dear Madame Minister,

I turn to you publicly as the Member of the European Parliament and the member of the Czech Petition Committee for the support of Eva Michalakova’s family. I have been helping Eva Michalakova’s family over a long time to get her sons David and Denis removed in spring 2011 by the Norwegian social services in Nedre Eiker back to her care. Despite the fact that all suspicions that served as…

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