Protestul pro Bodnariu (VIDEO) – PHOENIX ARIZONA

Sursa: Credo TV


One thought on “Protestul pro Bodnariu (VIDEO) – PHOENIX ARIZONA

  1. Al Chemistul

    I am not a Roman Catholic. I am a married Antiochian Orthodox Priest. Backed by American money, the Protestants tried to gain members by taking advantage of the weakness of the Russian Orthodox Church after 70 years of Communist oppression. They treated people who had really suffered for Christ as if they were not Christian. Meanwhile, the major American Protestant denominations who suffered no persecution have surrendered completely to secular American culture. Some bless same sex unions, and revise their theology to conform to political Correctness. Others build mega churches which water down the Gospel to feeling good and the promise of health and wealth and instead of traditional worship put on into a country western and soft rock show with a shallow message designed to tell the people what they want to hear, instead of what they need to hear to live the Christian life. American Protestants should try to bring America to Christ before they have the arrogance to criticize a Church that survived the worst persecution of Christians since ancient Rome.

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