What happens with the press in Norway?

This articol is addressed mainly to the Norwegian press and media.

I came to Norway five years ago and moved in Bergen with my family. We have started a new chapter in our life as a family in a country that is far different from the country I come from. Yes, I come from the eastern part of the Europe, a part that was ones under the iron curtain of the communism. But at the age of 10 years old I experienced a bloody revolution that has changed the oppressive regime with democracy. And even if I was not that old, I still remember very well the life and how we were supposed to act in certain circumstances in order to avoid problems with the police or even the secret service.

I still remembered how I was repeatedly humiliated in front of the classroom by two of my teachers simply because I was Christian, or, to say it better, because my parents were Evangelical Christians. I also remember how I was taken by the school to different festivals where we had to sing and recite poetry about our beautiful country or for the Good Communist Party or for the wise leaders of our country.

But I remember also how the press was used by the communists to praises the achievements of the Party and of the working people and to tell us how our country was one of the most important and richest country in Europe and World. The same press was used also to tell the people what to believe in and that the ideology of the Party was the only philosophical and empirical truth.

After the revolution many things has changed and one of the most important thing was the Press. From a press that worked for the former government now it started to work for the benefit of the people, (at least ar that time). And that meant to inform the people about the real situation of the country, the real problems and the real crises of the society. Of course the press, through its journalists, had to learn how to do this and it’s still learning.

Now I have moved to a country where the press seems to be different then I described above, and I expected to be so, but very often I become perplexed and frustrated when I see that in some areas the press in Norway shows similarities with the press under the iron curtain in the eastern Europe before the 90s.

I do not pretend to be an expert on Norway’s press, but now as a resident of this country, I read the main Norwegian publications on a daily basis. As a blogger I also like to keep myself informed and up to date with the big headlines in the world press. As a graduate in theology I try to understand and track the ideas that are spread and influence society through the media.

Well, one of the subjects where I think the press in Norway does a bad job is Barnevernet. I have followed as much as I could the big headlines with Barnevernet for the last three years and that’s because some Norwegian friends told me to be very careful with this institution. I’ve heard many stories about how Barnevernet works and its forced interventions in the families, but they were far from me.

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