The newspaper Vårt Land again – hellbent on believing, and on harming the already ill-treated

Copii-barnevernet-620x264-500x213By Marianne Haslev Skånland

The Christian, but extremely state-subservient newspaper Vårt Land continues its crusade against people who protest against Barnevernet’s abuse. Here is chief of the news desk Trygve Jordheim, who thinks it is a conspiracy, thinks the fact that people demonstrate is freedom of speech which does harm, and misleads foreigners into misunderstanding and fearing the Norwegian state and not seek the help which exists here in the “help services”. Continue reading “The newspaper Vårt Land again – hellbent on believing, and on harming the already ill-treated”

Child protection in Norway: Making parents pay


by Marianne Haslev Skånland

When the authorities take the family’s children, they place the children with fosterparents or in institutions. Foster parents normally receive very good payment, often split up between different sums so that the total does not show: so much compensation for the cost of food and clothing etc for the child, so much over another budget post for additional expenses, so much as straight wages or compensation for having to stay at home instead of having a job, so much for extra holidays away from the foster children, who are then sent off to other relief-fosterers. Continue reading “Child protection in Norway: Making parents pay”

Med Barnevernet er Norge på nedtur


Av Octavian D. Curpaș
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

“Kommunisme er sjelens død. Det er
organiseringen av total konformitet – kort
og godt av tyranni – og det er totalt innstilt
på å gjøre tyranniet universelt.”
Adlai E. Stevenson

Øst-europeere oppfattet det kommunistiske systemet i Norge, for de hadde levet under den slags regime.

Under kommunismen hadde statens institusjoner gjort “jobben sin” (men ofte ikke den jobben de burde gjøre), så det eksisterte absolutt lover under kommunismen, og de ble håndhevet. Det var bare det at vi spurte om innholdet av lovene og den måten de ble tolket på i praksis. Continue reading “Med Barnevernet er Norge på nedtur”

Norwegian Pentecostalists: Our child protection is so good!


By Marianne Haslev Skånland

The Bodnariu case, in which five children in Norway have been taken from their parents, who are active Christians – Pentecostalists – has triggered several demonstrations abroad (the casethe demonstrations). What has caused reactions is primarily that the parents have been accused of raising the children in a “fundamentalist Christian” way. Continue reading “Norwegian Pentecostalists: Our child protection is so good!”