Daniel Branzei: Lectură obligatorie pentru copiii de români care știu limba engleză: 5 Reasons Socialism Is Not Christian

By Julie Roys

Julie Roys is host of a national talk show on the Moody Radio Network called “Up For Debate.”

Jesus confronted the money-changers and challenged believers to give to the needy. But, would he support socialism?

Increasingly, Americans think he would. In fact, a recent Barna poll found that more Americans think Jesus would prefer socialism (24%) than those who believe he would prefer capitalism (14%). The other 62% responded neither or not sure, but the poll still reveals a disturbing trend.

Last Saturday, Micah Conkling, a Christian writer and podcaster, argued on my radio program that socialism is the political and economic system that best fulfills the Golden Rule. Not surprisingly, Conkling is a Millennial, the most pro-socialist generation America has ever known. According to a recent Reason-Rupe survey, 53% of Americans under 30 view socialism favorably, compared to less than a third of Americans over 30. Similarly, Gallup found that 69% of those under 30 said they would be willing to vote for a socialist presidential candidate. Continue reading “Daniel Branzei: Lectură obligatorie pentru copiii de români care știu limba engleză: 5 Reasons Socialism Is Not Christian”

President-Elect Donald Trump’s Statement on Christianity will Make All American Christians Celebrate!

donald_trumpFinally, President-elect Donald Trump releases his statement about Christianity. You’ll possibly feel the same way like the listeners did as you listen to this until the end.

Here’s the full transcript:

I’m a good Christian, and I’m leading with Evangelicals. And I wanna tell you something… Christianity is being chipped away in this country. It’s being chipped away at, and I’m not gonna let this happen. You know, I was with a whole roomful of 50 pastors, ministers – great people. Some of whom I knew pretty well, and some I don’t. And I said to them “let me ask you a question. How many Christians, evangelicals, but mainly just Christians, do we have in this country.” Continue reading “President-Elect Donald Trump’s Statement on Christianity will Make All American Christians Celebrate!”

Why Are Christians the World’s Most Persecuted Group?


 Why are Christians, as a new Pew report documents, the most persecuted religious group in the world? And why is their persecutionoccurring primarily throughout the Islamic world? (In the category on “Countries with Very High Government Restrictions on Religion,” Pew lists 24 countries-20 of which are Islamic and precisely where the overwhelming majority of “the world’s” Christians are actually being persecuted.)

The reason for this ubiquitous phenomenon of Muslim persecution of Christians is threefold: Continue reading “Why Are Christians the World’s Most Persecuted Group?”

Kevin Sorbo: Why is Hollywood so afraid of God?

Kevin SorboKevin Sorbo is sick of what he calls Hollywood’s intolerance to those who believe in God.

“There’s a negativity towards Christians in Hollywood,” Sorbo told FOX411. “And a negativity towards people who believe in God.”

It’s not just faith that Hollywood is intolerant of. Sorbo, who has spoken out against President Obama’s policies, feels the backlash from the entertainment industry for his political affiliations. Continue reading “Kevin Sorbo: Why is Hollywood so afraid of God?”

Performance at Soccer World Cup 2006 – a Highlight of Young German Singer’s Career

FlorenceFlorence Joy Enns (Büttner) is a famous young German singer, writer and actress

She likes to travel and has visited several countries from Europe, Israel and the United States. Florence plays guitar and the piano, and she speaks her native German and very good English. Most of her songs from the album “Hope” are in English.

In 2006, Florence Joy was invited to perform in the (dome) church of Munich for the inauguration of the Soccer World Championship. One year after this astonishing performance, she started acting in the role of a sweet girl called “Jasmin” in a German daily soap “Ahornallee”. Also, Florence wrote a book called I want to live truthfully and real, which tells about her journey through the German casting show “Star Search 2” and mostly how she lives her life with Jesus Christ. Continue reading “Performance at Soccer World Cup 2006 – a Highlight of Young German Singer’s Career”