Norway’s Stolen Children?

norway_1CLICK HERE click for video  – Dateline 26/7/16 – Norway’s Stolen Children?

Why are so many parents in Norway claiming that the state is kidnapping their children? With a spike in cases in recent years and accusations of racial intolerance, Dateline asks whether these children are being saved, or stolen

By Georgina Davies, Catherine Scott, Joel Tozer

“We’d seen them on the ultrasound, felt all the movement in my tummy. The hardest thing was to come home empty handed,” mum Natasha Myra Olsen tells Georgina Davies.

When her and partner Erik had twin girls, Norway’s child protection agency, Barnevernet, turned up at the hospital and took them away.

“It’s sadness and a sense of loss that no one can understand,” she says.

Natasha and Erik's twin girls were taken away just hours after being born.

Natasha and Erik’s twin girls were taken away just hours after being born.

The agency says it doesn’t act lightly, but sometimes it can’t afford to wait.

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