Familia Bodnariu

Hundreds of thousands of protesters in the streets across the globe. Hundreds of thousands of social media posts, mailings, e-mails, phone calls and meetings.

Tens of millions of hits on various domestic and international news articles in the United States, Europe, Australia and Asia. Millions of visits to various blogs and news outlets.

Approximately 270,000 visitors/views at Delight in Truth, and many more at Agnus Dei, Popas Pentru Suflet and other blogs.

After 6 and a half months of THIS tremendous international pressure, Norway is returning all 5 Bodnariu children to their parents. 

But in this difficult process, God has accomplished something much greater.

God has used the suffering of one family to expose an entire system. He has awakened the sleeping giant, the world-wide evangelical Romanian church to unite and to show the world what is going on in Norway and other European countries.

Due process violation and state sponsored child traffic is no longer a tacitly approved secret in the Nordic countries. A Bodnariu victory is now the flame that give hope, real hope, for thousands of Barnevernet victims who had their children confiscated unfairly.

And hope cannot  be underestimated.

Cases like Bodnariu will make their way through the Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights, to the shame of Norway, and everyone will find out that a modern and progressive country like Norway harbors this dark secret.

How was this decision accomplished outside of a tribunal in the judicial system? Professor Marianne Skanland explains:

“Since this agreement has been reached only during or as a conclusion of the County Committee’s hearing, and since Barnevernet’s proposal was that all 5 children should be taken from the family permanently, the only probable interpretation is that the CC has put pressure on Barnevernet, andBarnevernet has not been too sure of winning so they have given in.

If they had entered into an agreement to return the children voluntarily, it could and would have been done months ago. So they have been pressed into it. For the CC, or a court, to put a certain amount of pressure on the parties to a case is of course quite regular; to reach agreements or compromises is one of the justice system’s regular functions.

All the best to the Bodnarius! Let us hope and pray that they may all recover as soon as possible and that the actions against the children by Barnevernet will not have too bad after-effects.”

We are now hoping that the great people of Norway will wake up and be repulsed at the confiscation practices of Barnevernet. They have the power to change their CPS and hold those who abuse their power responsible.

Sursa: Delight in Truth

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