April 16th 2016 Anti-Barnevernet PROTEST IN LOS ANGELES: Initial Press Release


The following is the initial press release document which is being sent to news outlets in the greater Los Angeles area to alert them to the upcoming April 16th protest. It is the first in a series of press releases meant to build up interest in covering the anti-Barnevernet movement. It will be followed by more detailed press releases as we approach the day of the protest

Citizens of Southern California Against Norway’s Barnevernet


Los Angeles, CA. April 16, 2016 10:00AM
Federal Building West Los Angeles, 11000 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles 90024.

Local Southern California leaders and residents (over 1000 protesters) will be gathering at the Federal Building in Westwood to peacefully protest the “legal” child kidnappings of the Barnevernet, the Child Protective Service of the Norwegian government, which has become infamous for human rights violations.

Barnevernet is a considerable segment of the Norwegian government and has autonomous authority in handling child welfare.  Classifying every case as CONFIDENTIAL and SECRET, it is not been held accountable by the Norwegian government and media.

There is compelling evidence that Barnevernet has used ridiculous reasons, such as insufficient time spent with the child, emotional disconnect with parents, not being wealthy enough to raise a child, and religious upbringing, to forcefully remove children from their parents placing them in foster homes without any court ruling and no respect for the presumption of innocence.

Barnevernet confiscates children without due process, without social investigations and without warning.

They have used lengthy, manipulating interrogations of children to obtain accusations against their parents. When parents do win court hearings, Barnevernet claims new separation anxiety and trauma for the child to separate from the foster parents, and it refuses to return the child back to his/her biological parents.

The suffering caused by “legal” child kidnappings, has led to children committing suicide, parents forced to divorce with false hopes promised by Barnevernet that they will obtain their children back, and parents committing suicide themselves.

Spearheaded by the Bodnariu Family case, where five children were confiscated without merit, but also on behalf of families from Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, India, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, Latvia, Russia and the USA, global demonstrations and marches will be held.

Beginning in Sydney and Brisbane, Australia and continuing to multiple cities in Romania, Norway, Germany, England and Spain, Canada and finally here in the U.S., in New York, Miami, Atlanta, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Saint Louis, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Seattle, Portland, Sacramento and Los Angeles, 100,000 people will take to the streets on April 16, 2016 to protest the human rights violations taking place in Norway.

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