The five children of a Rumanian-Norwegian family taken by Barnevernet (the child protection services, CPS) in Norway

By Marianne Haslev Skånland

The family Bodnariu lives in Naustdal on the west coast of Norway, north of Bergen. There are many websites describing the case in Rumanian. Since the children appear to have been taken on grounds of religious raising (the CPS call it “religious indoctrination”), Christian websites are awake to the case.

Here is a description of the happenings:

Marius & Ruth Bodnariu, a Christian family persecuted in Norway! (The English version)
Popas pentru suflet, Christian Ionescu, 19 November 2015

“I am writing in support of my brother, Bodnariu Marian Constantin (Marius), a Romanian citizen, his wife Ruth Johanne Bodnariu, a Norwegian citizen, and their 5 children (Eliana, Naomi Matthew, John and baby Ezekiel who is only three months old) with joint citizenship in Romania and Norway.”

“This past Monday, November 16th, Child Welfare Services (Barnevernet) “kidnapped” the two oldest children (Eliana and Naomi) from school without the knowledge of their parents. Barnevarnet, accompanied by police, then came to the Bodnariu home and forcibly took custody of the two older boys (Matthew and John); leaving a devastated Ruth at home with only three month old Ezekiel while Marius was at work. Marius promptly came home from work to understand what was taking place and, together with Ruth, visited the police station and Barnevernet to resolve the situation. Because Ruth was crying and devastated by the events, Barnevernet and four policemen showed up at their family home on Tuesday, November 17, without any court order or documentation, and also took 3 month old Ezekiel on the stated grounds that the mother posed a danger to her child.”

The article goes on to describe with some insight the general activities of Barnevernet (although the writer does not seem informed about similar actions in the other countries of the Western world nor quite of the very many ethnic Norwegian families affected, although it is quite right that foreigners are over-represented):

“What happens in Norway via the Barneverent, under the guise of “child welfare,” is outrageous and unfathomable! Children are considered property of the state; a premise utilized by the Barnevernet to abduct children and place them in foster family care for any unchecked/unregulated/unaudited reason as upheld by the Barnevernet. A quick search on the internet will yield results highlighting hundreds of cases of abuse and testimonies from affected families. The Barnevernet has a history of prevalently focusing their efforts on immigrant families or on families in which one of the parents is of a different nationality (as in my brother’s case, Romanian).”


Norway Return the children to Bodinaru Family
Blog on facebook, November 2015 –


Norvegia: cinci copii de origine română preluați de Protecția Copilului, de la o familie din zona Bergen
Jurnal de Nord, Publicatie Romaneasca din Norvegia, 20 November 2015

This publication has a page in English and one in Norwegian too, but this article has not (yet) been translated.


Sustinem Familia Bodnariu Marius si Ruth si cei cinci copii ai lor – alaturati-va acestei familii
agnus dei, english + romanian blog, 19 November 2015


There is a petition out which can be signed:

“The Bodnariu family! Their children were taken away on charges of Christian indoctrination”


4 December 2015

On 21 November, a few days after the blog on facebook was opened, there was a new posting on the blog which should be read, and which I feel should be commented on:

Comprehensive update, Sat 11/21 (English version)

It contains several things which must in my view be judged as negative.

“- Initially, we reported that Ruth was left at home with baby Ezekiel. It turns out that Ruth was not left home with the baby; she was arrested and taken to the police station at the same time that the two older boys were taken by the Barnevernet.
… It turns out that Marius was also arrested, at work, and taken to the police for interrogation. Communications with Marius and Ruth were then impossible as the police confiscated their phones.

Monday, Nov. 16th …. After many hours of interrogation, Marius and Ruth were allowed to return home with baby Ezekiel.”

So the parents were immediately taken by the police, apparently arrested (apparently, because asking them to go to the police station need not be a formal arrest. The fact that the children are taken could very well be enough to make them comply.) Certainly the treatment of them by the police seems to have been quite harsh. This kind of procedure means the CPS will fight to the bitter end never to let the children out of their clutches.


“- Tuesday, Nov 17th, Barnevernet, accompanied by four policemen, came to the Family home and took 3 month old baby Ezekiel because they considered that the mother was “dangerous.” At the same time, Ruth was told that their four children were placed in two separate foster homes, have already integrated, and that the children don’t miss them.

Claiming that the children had, after being taken from their parents in that way, “integrated” i foster homes only one day later, shows “attachment theory” in practice. It is by far the most dangerous device of the CPS at the present time and has been heavily sanctioned by state directed policy, rubber-stamped by the Raundalen committee, and is practically never questioned.

Continue reading  MHS’s home page


One thought on “The five children of a Rumanian-Norwegian family taken by Barnevernet (the child protection services, CPS) in Norway

  1. I wrote this COMPLAINT to be distributed to Romanian people who wish to file it with the Norway Embassies and other NATO Embassies in Europe. The Norway Constitution refers to natural human beings (both small size and big size) “person”. And this “person” may NOT be arrested and detain in violation of the Constitution and with out due process of law. That is exactly what has happened in that case!
    _________ The Complaint below_____________


    WE, MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC in solidarity and sympathy with MARIUS and RUTH BODNARIU of Norway, aware of their loss of children to Barvernet, file this written complaint with your high Office, complaining as follows:

    1. The Constitution of Norway, at Article 2 declares that “All inhabitants of the Realm shall have the right to free exercise of their religion.”

    2. This constitutional right, declared in Article 2, has been violated by Barvernet in the case of Bodnariu family, whereas their five minor children have been taken away by force, ruthlessly, and without due process, and in violation of the equal protection of the law, as retaliation for their professed [protestant] faith in God; thus inflicting emotional distress and mental pain and suffering, and breaking the family bond, the natural parental love and the natural emotional attachment.

    3. The Constitution of Norway, at Article 21 declares that all State officials shall take a special Oath of Office to “solemnly declare obedience and allegiance to the Constitution and the King.” The offending state sponsored actor, Barnevernet and its employees have violated their requisite Oath of Office by invading Bodnariu’s place of abode and taking by military force of police their five children, one who is an infant 4 months old. We demand that you take NOTICE of these reprehensible acts, and correct this grave injustice inflicted upon Marius Bodnariu family.

    4. The Constitution of Norway, at Article 99, clearly prohibits any person to be taken into custody ”…for unwarranted arrest, or illegal detention…and that the Government is not entitled to employ military force against citizens of the State…”. It is already public knowledge that Barnevernet has violated the family peace and dignity the Bondariu family is entitled to by Constitution and law, in addition to the human rights prescribed for Bodnariu family at Article 8, 9, 10, 12 and 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to which the Norway State is a signatory.

    5. The Barnevernet, with consent and acquiescence of its superiors has violated with impunity and with shocking outrage the aforementioned Norway constitutional provisions by taking into custody and arresting 5 (five) minor children born, raised and belonging in the Bodnariu family.

    6. The Norway Barnevernet, with consent and acquiescence of its superiors has engaged its military-equivalent assisting police powers for purposes to destroy and lay waste Bodnarius’ family and its dignity and peace in their private house, and to deprive them of their five children, and to destroy their children natural parental bond.

    7. The Barvernet, with consent and acquiescence of its superiors has engaged its military-equivalent assisting police powers for purposes to unlawfully arrest and detain five minor children belonging and raised in the Bodnariu family, and the said arrest and outrageous detention continues to date despite much pleading to return to the Bodnariu family the five children so arrested and detained.

    8. The invasion and stepping inside of Bodnariu private family home by the cruel Barvernet and its military-equivalent assistants constitutes criminal trespass and search, in violation of Article 102 of the Norway Constitution. Search and criminal trespass has overreached the governmental function, and constitute a criminal violation, which nullifies all of the Barvernet, its superiors and court’s activities to date in the Bodnarius’ matter.

    9. The Bodnarius family members are referred to as “person” within the scope and scheme of Norway’s Constitution, and the outrageous constitutional violation appears even more egregious and reprehensible as the unconscionable actors of such primitive processes tolerated by the State itself.

    10. We, members of the public signing this complaint, now therefore demand that Barvernet’s abuses of power, and the courts’ oppressive and unjust activities and decrees executed and unlawfully manifested under Norway’s Constitution and flag cease and desist, and cause the return of Bodnariu five children which belong in the Bodnarius family private house, as a matter of Constitution and law.

    Dated: January___, 2016.

    Daniel Bodnariu (sign here)

    *** Add here below as many members
    of the public (Romanians) as possible,
    and each send it to Norway Prime Minister
    and other Norway (and other NATO countries)
    authorities, including register it with any federal
    Court in Norway.
    Visiting Address:
    Glacisgata 1, Oslo

    Postal Address:

    Glacisgata 1,
    P.O. Box 8001 dep.
    (NO-) 0030 Oslo
    [Telephone: +47 22 24 90 90]

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