Barnevernet – It’s all about the Money


steven-bennet-150x150By Steven Bennet

Seven private investors have earned 57 million euros from CPS barnevernet services (2014 report in Aftenposten).

Everything from a capital fund in London to the enormously rich Wallenberg family in Sweden have realized that there is money to make in the Norwegian child welfare system. Investors are on record saying – Child protection has become big business in Norway.

Argan Capital is a London-based investment company that says about the business model on their own home pages – Argan Capital seeks to create the greatest possible profit through a careful selection of businesses. The Norwegian child welfare system is carefully selected to provide the greatest possible profit.

It’s all about providing maximum possible profits to its investors, and sadly, not about the welfare of the families. Children in the Norwegian care system are dying as a result of immoral, unethical, criminal acts with the purest form of neglect imaginable.

The eagerness of Norway’s ‘care system’ to separate children/babies from their parents is taking a large devastating toll.

We all want a healthy CPS system, but the business model at barnevernet will never produce this, as it forcibly creates absent parents for the flimsiest of reasons. It is much more viable in Norway to abduct children/cute babies and in the process, destroy the family, and make millions!$!$!

Stop the Child HUMAN TRAFFICKING Industry in Norway! Stop barnevernet!

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