Why Norway should be indicted for crimes against humanity by the international community


Photo Credit Levy Moroshan

Motto: Cruelty against children is the greatest crime. Norway is a leader in this criminal activity by inflicting psychological torture on tens of thousands of children abducted from their families

  • For the 10,000 Norwegian children of war of WWII forced into special institutions to slowly degrade them and push them to destruction. The children of war were born to Norwegian women by German soldiers.
  • For denying justice to the children of war for 50 years in spite of all the grievances of the survivors
  • For creating and giving absolute powers to the cruelest institution in civilized countries, called Barnevernet, the so-called “Child Protective Services”, a Gestapo against families
  • For forcibly taking children from their families without social investigation, court order, and without warning
  • For committing psychological genocide against the children they abducted and against their parents, with the help of an army of psychologists, lawyers, policemen and social workers
  • For claiming that their action is “for the best interest of the children” when in fact Barnevernet is run in connection with private parties to their best interest, making many billions of Krone as a result of their criminal activity
  • For trampling the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, specifically articles 12, 16 and 18
  • For willfully violating the International Convention of Children’s Rights, specifically articles 5, 7, 8 and 14. Norway signed this document
  • For child psychological slavery, mental torture, psychological cruelty, and terrorizing children and parents without remorse
  • For the fact that Norway presumes parents are guilty until proven innocent, with immediate removal of the child
  • For the 90 deaths per year among children abducted by Barnevernet
  • For the 50,000 children and teenagers kept in forced custody
  • For the kidnapping of the Bodnariu family’s five children. Since November 2015, no official statement was issued by Barnevernet or by the Norwegian government, practically keeping those five children under arrest
  • For the fact that the Norwegian governments since Barnevernet was established in 1992, conspired against humanity by the psychological crimes and abuses they did
  • For the fact that Norway is a Nazi state when it comes to dealing with children, being racist, sadistic, and terrorizing thousands of families
  • Norway should be isolated from the international community, investigated, indicted, and all the people involved in this crime against humanity should be put in long term solitary confinement in order to help them understand the unspeakable mental agony they inflicted on children and their parents


Notes: A survivor of the Children of the War states: „A small brother and sister, five years old, were placed in a pig sty for two nights and two days,” claims Bjorn. „Then in the kitchen they were put in a tub and scrubbed down with acid till they had no skin left ‘because we have to wash that Nazi smell off you’.”

John Infrason


Photo Credit: Levy Moroshan


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