Cruz-Avramescu Case: Child Protection Outrage in Norway


A bizarre situation illustrating the outrage against the Norwegian CPS has developed in Norway with a Norwegian-Romanian family.

In March 2014, the two boys (5 and 6 years old) of deaf parents Roberto Cruz and Andreea Avramescu were confiscated by Barnevernet after allegations of spanking at home. Spanking or corporal discipline is not considered child abuse throughout the world at large, but in Norway it is illegal.

There are a few things that make this case shocking for the average person reading its history. Apparently two different processes were opened against the parents, one social and one criminal. According to the news site Digi24, about 10 months after the confiscation, a judicial body has decided in favor of the Cruz-Avramescu family after finding no evidence of violence against the children.

This is what the world sees as a schizophrenic system. Even after a decision in favor of the family, Barnevernet has not followed said decision. Why even have these county commissions or judicial hearings if the CPS won’t even follow their rulings? It seems like Barnevernet is an autonomous state within a state.

What makes matters worse, about 9 months later in October 2015, while the boys have not been returned, a legal decision was handed down sentencing the parents to 5 months in prison and a total fine of 6,000 crowns. This is in the setting of a previous decision in favor of the family. Those punishments have not been carried out while appeals are in progress.

In the United States we call this double jeopardy and it is illegal. Once a defendant has been found not guilty, another court cannot come in and re-try the defendant for the same offense. But things are so confusing in Norway, that it appears double jeopardy is taking place when county boards and other judicial bodies try defendants on the same offense with opposite outcomes.

Now here is another head-turner. While all these confusing and contradicting judgements are carried out, in February 2016 the police began a process to deport Andreea Avramescu. Obviously they did not take into consideration the initial not guilty judgement.

The parental disability in this case further complicates matters. The Romanian Minister of External Affairs and the Romanian Embassy are involved in the case and have indicated that Norwegian authorities are claiming that by now the children are unable to communicate with their parents because they forgot sign language. How have we arrived at this sad situation? Ah, that’s right. The answer is that Barnevernet refused to follow the decision from January 2015 to return the children to their parents.

This is how you destroy a family, Norway-style 2016.

Who will hold Barnevernet responsible? That is the question that has no answer yet.

Source: Delight in Truth

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